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3 Tips for a Successful Corporate Event Planning

by Admin - on May 17th 2018 - Comments Off on 3 Tips for a Successful Corporate Event Planning

Red tick marks on a checklistCorporate events aren’t the same as ordinary events. These could range from product launches, yearly meetings, exhibitions, and employee awards. It’s formal and your guests are professionals and businessmen. Therefore, organizing such an event can seem like a tedious task.

The key to a successful corporate event is planning. Whatever the occasion, you need proper planning to make it memorable and leave your attendees with a positive impression of your company.

Here are three helpful tips for organizing a corporate event:

Create a Checklist

Keeping things organized is essential in the planning process. Use a checklist to make sure you’re not missing anything important. These include the corporate event space in NY, the food and catering services, the guest speakers, the equipment, and the souvenirs.

Another important thing to remember is to consider how you’ll be able to highlight the company’s mission, products, and services effectively. Make sure these are included in the event. Giving promotional freebies and items are some good examples.

Plan within the Budget

Regardless of the event, setting a budget is important and necessary. This is to make sure you don’t go overboard with the expenses. For a successful budget allocation, ensure that everything is specific and would include everything — the ticket sales, sponsorship, food, supplies, speakers, and venue rental.

Contact All Suppliers Prior to the Event

About two weeks prior to the corporate event, don’t forget to contact each supplier and provider. This way, you’re sure that everything will go as planned. Checking on them will give you enough time to make changes if ever something doesn’t go as planned. There’s no place for last-minute backouts, so you should have a Plan B. With an alternative plan, you won’t become too stressed during the event.

Planning a corporate event isn’t an easy task. In fact, you need time, money, and effort to throw a successful one. Let these tips help make your tasks easier.

5 Things to Look for Before Reserving a Corporate Event Venue

by Admin - on Aug 9th 2015 - Comments Off on 5 Things to Look for Before Reserving a Corporate Event Venue

Corporate Event VenueChoosing the best venue for your corporate function or industry seminar is important for the convenience of your guests and the success of your event. Here are some factors that you need consider to come up with the best decision.


The location should reflect the main purpose of your event. It must align perfectly with the image of your brand and the project you are working on. That’s why you need to check out different venues for hire first, such as HatchAndCo.com.au, before choosing the most suitable one.


The venue of the event should be accessible to your guest speakers and target audience. Make sure people can go there without any hassle and with different transportation methods available. Don’t lose attendees by choosing a venue that’s out of the way or inconvenient to get to.

Accommodation Options

If your chosen venue isn’t a hotel, there has to be some nearby, especially if the seminar will last more than a day. By doing this, you can organise possible lodging options for your guests. The hotel should be a walking distance away or have a shuttle service available.


The venue should have all the components, facilities and rooms that you need for the events. It must also be large enough to let your sponsors set up their booths and give you freedom regarding the seating arrangements. The restrooms should also be sufficient and nearby for the convenience of your guests.


Many functions get delayed because of technical difficulties. That’s why you need to check if the venue can avoid it or handle it properly when it happens. This includes the number of microphones, audiovisual equipment, Wi-Fi availability, charging stations and tech support staff, among others.

These are just some important factors to check before reserving a venue for an upcoming corporate event. Make sure to evaluate everything to deliver the best possible seminar at the best possible venue for the satisfaction of everyone.