a woman working on a deskWith research saying that sitting for long periods of time can be dangerous to health, people took it upon themselves to find a way to fight the risks. Many have turned to standing desks, but standing desks cause their own share of problems. Others turn to ergonomic chairs that can actually be safer than standing desks. As such, Online Office Furniture and other experts say that you can order an ordinary office desk online now and pair it with an ergonomic chair.

Even with the setup above, however, you still need to slip in a good amount of exercise to encourage proper circulation. No matter if you work at home, in a shared or open-plan space, or a private office, you can practice the exercises below. These can help you lead a healthy and quite active life, even with all the sitting that you have to do.

Exercise Your Lungs

Without standing up, you can exercise your breathing. Your body needs oxygen, and you will need proper breathing to bring the required amount if oxygen to your body. To exercise, you can breathe in, hold, and exhale each for four seconds.

Exercises Your Legs

Next, you can exercise with chair stands. You simply stand up 10 times or as many times as you want. Use your legs only in standing up and sitting back down. You can keep balance by keeping your hands out in front of you.

Exercise Your Buttocks

While sitting down, you can do butt clenches for discreet exercising. You can clench your buttocks for five counts, rest, and repeat as many times as you want. These crunches can exercise your glutes, encouraging muscle strength and endurance.

Exercise Your Core

For your core, you can either tighten your abs for 10 seconds and repeating, or you can do planks. Either way, these exercises can activate your abdominal muscles, building your core strength. You will not gain sharply-toned abs from these exercises, sadly.

With the exercises above, you can already activate different parts of your body. Add in gym or body weight exercises, and you will lead a fit life free from the dangers of sitting.