Adventure SportsWith its mesmerizing landscape and perfectly varied topography, Australia is the playground of extreme adventure buffs. From adrenaline-firing activities in the Outback to daredevilry in the mountains, the region offers abundant nerve-freezing pursuits to keep sports junkies on their toes. Here are some of Australia’s most popular adventure sports.
Bungee Jumping

Experience the ultimate rush of free falling in the midst of Australia’s wilderness on a bungee jumping spree. The thrill of being thrown from a lofty cliff to come crashing down on the earth’s surface at breakneck speed is best experienced at Smithfield (15 km to north of Cairns). The spot is encased in a vast rainforest and offers adventurers the opportunity to jump from the AJ Hackett Bungee Tower.

Kitesurfing and Windsurfing

Though there are several beaches that make for great bases for kite surfing and windsurfing in Australia, Geraldton (a five-hour drive from Perth, WA) is a fantastic surfing destination. It is especially popular during summers when the perfect sea breeze promises lots of action. St. George’s Beach is ideal for beginners while Sunset Beach is for seasoned windsurfers looking for some serious challenges.


Though Australia is not a predominant skiing destination, there are great places to take a break from the summer sports and participate in some heart-stopping winter action. Thredbo in NSW is a family-friendly terrain for all skill levels while the 320 hectares Mount Hotham is Victoria’s best winter getaways. In Brisbane, you can pick up skiing gear from one of the many stores in the city. After a shopping spree, head to the Falls Creek in Victoria which features consistent snow and the largest skiing terrain in Victoria at 450 hectares, with 65 kilometres of cross country skiing trails.

Australia’s diverse landscape is ideal for extreme sports enthusiasts to enjoy a host of adrenaline soaring adventures. From bungee jumping in Smithfield to windsurfing at Geraldton to skiing in Thredbo, there’s a lot happening to keep outdoor recreation seeking visitors enthralled.