Franchisor taking care of her businessSo you’ve seen a franchise opportunity that you like and made an inquiry about it. As you wait for the franchisor to give you a call, there are a few questions you need to prepare for. These questions are meant to find out whether you and your franchisor are a perfect fit before the both of you make any commitment.

What makes you interested in a franchise?

As a franchisee, you’ll be running a small outlet that operates under a much larger, complex structure. It’s important to understand the concept of franchising, as well as what you perceive to be its benefits. With this knowledge, it becomes easier for you and your franchisor to start on the right footing.

Why did you settle on this industry?

As you’ve probably found out during your research, there are lots of franchise opportunities in different sectors. Your franchisor will be interested in knowing why you’ve decided to choose a Transworld business advisors franchise, for instance. Is it because you have the passion for it? Or is your decision based on growth potential? You need to demonstrate the success drivers of the industry.

How much business experience do you possess?

Your franchisor will certainly provide some training to set you up for success in your new business. However, it’s important to some that you have industry-relevant experience. Having some sales and customer service experience, for instance, is a plus.

Where do you plan to open the business?

Many franchisors have site opportunities for potential franchisees, while some expect you to locate a site you think is viable. If you have a site in mind, expect that your franchisor will evaluate it keenly.

The conversation you have with a franchisor forms the basis of a potential long-term relationship. The best thing to do is to answer any questions as honestly and transparently as possible.