Graphic Design Studio in Melbourne People are visual creatures. We have to see things to be truly convinced — to see is to believe, as the common saying goes. In the case of retail marketing, what we see is usually a large deciding factor in what we choose.

The importance of visuals

The importance of visuals is most obvious when convincing people to choose what they buy. Looks can be deceiving, but they are also important in getting people to notice. This is why that girl in a cute dress at the party or the handsome salesperson convincing people to try a perfume is often the first person others may want to approach. It doesn’t matter who they are, what their hobbies are, or what politics they believe in, they are a magnet for attention.

Fighting for recognition

The same is true when you hire a Melbourne graphic design studio to create a packaging design for your new product. Let’s say that product is a can of soup. You already know that there are hundreds of other soups out there, vying for shelf space at the supermarket. 

What can make your product stand out if nobody knows how it tastes just yet? The trick is to convince people to ‘try’ your product first. If it is indeed good, the design of its packaging may lose a little of its importance for the customer who already loves it, but it has to be attractive enough for people to put it in their shopping carts.

Leading customers

The battle for consumers’ attention doesn’t end there. That’s why consistency in design and style is important. Your design agency is likely to come up with designs for different materials that lead consumers toward a certain direction — to trust and buy your product — because the design generates recall and recognition. From your posters to your website to your packaging and promotional items, that design principle must be ‘familiar’.

A brand strategy calls for great graphic design and the deployment of the marketing materials that carry that design. It’s what separates you from the rest even when customers have yet to try your products.