Graphic Design in MelbourneDesign is all about the details. Your overall outcome will be successful only if you are attentive to every little detail that makes up the big picture. As such, being meticulous is important — from conceptualisation to application.

If you are still undecided about how to make your graphic design ideas take Melbourne by storm, consider this: a combination of simple and intense. How will you pull it off? Well, you have to understand both sides of the coin first, of course.

Simplicity is Beauty

When the World Wide Web became public a few decades ago, everybody was thrilled because they literally had access to an almost-infinite amount of information. The transition from encyclopaedias and cookbooks to Wikipedia and online recipes was a massive help to those who wanted to free up some space at home and minimise paper use.

Currently, so much information is swimming around the internet — from groundbreaking studies to funny cat videos, it’s all there! This is why it can be rather overwhelming. If you want to catch their attention without contributing to information overload, focus on minimalist design instead.

As the epitome of simplicity and functionality, it continues to be as popular among brands and in design trends as it was early in the 20th century.

Bold is Beautiful

On the other hand, people might get bored with too much simplicity. You need to add a little quirkiness to spice things up. As such, be open to intensified and heightened colours — primary, neon and pastel alike — that will surely catch the eye of netizens.

You might be asking yourself, how are bright neon designs ever simple? Well, that’s because with a smart, well-thought out design, you get rid of distractions that complicate instead of deliver your message.

The digital lifestyle is shortening the attention span of netizens who want to access information fast and easy. Give them just that with bold yet simple designs.