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3 Workplace Safety Measures That Work

by Admin - on Jun 13th 2018 - Comments Off on 3 Workplace Safety Measures That Work

workplace safetyIndustrial settings tend to expose workers to many risks. As an employer overseeing the work conditions in these places, it’s important that you put a premium on their care. Fortunately, it isn’t that hard or costly to institute the necessary measures to keep them sage.

From investing in Australian safety supplies to going for certification, here are the top three safety measures for the workplace that have proven to be effective.

1. Certification

Most of the danger in industrial workplaces come from the use of heavy machinery. While you can’t completely isolate your workers from risks, you can minimise them by getting yourself and everybody else certified. Sometimes, you can even get certification from manufacturers themselves. While this seems like a lot of work, it does go a long way to ensure safety.

2. Equipment

Keeping safety supplies stocked and up to date is an effective means of ensuring safety. Among the supplies you need are helmets, goggles, gloves, and even footwear. The trick here is to choose suppliers who are known for quality products, as durability is a critical consideration. If you ensure that only the highest quality equipment is used, then you can be confident that your workers are kept safe.

3. Training

Finally, you should also make sure that your workers are well-trained in the operation of the machinery that they are using. This applies, naturally, to the newer members of the team. However, you should also constantly upgrade the training regimens of your older workers to make sure that they’re updated and capable of handling any challenges in their workday. These training should base their curricula on official documentation of the manufacturers, of course.

Apply these three things and you can be sure that your people are always safe and in the best shape.

Marketing, Operations Manager Amongst the Best Jobs in the UK for 2018

by Admin - on Mar 24th 2018 - Comments Off on Marketing, Operations Manager Amongst the Best Jobs in the UK for 2018

Top view of a business meetingBritons who wish to land a job as a marketing manager will have the best job in the U.K. for 2018, according to Glassdoor.

The employment review website ranked marketing management on top of the 25 best jobs this year, with a score of 4.5. Operations management, audit management, finance management and product management completed the top five.

Job Rankings

The list of the best jobs in the UK has been ongoing over the last four years, although this year marked the first time that technology-based jobs failed to join the top 10. However, Glassdoor chief economist Andrew Chamberlain expects artificial intelligence and job automation to affect the employment sector, particularly in human resources and finance.

Glassdoor based its rankings for the top 25 list on the earning potential of a certain job, by using the median annual salary as a guide. Job satisfaction and the number of job openings also served as other factors. Whether or not you intend to work as a marketing manager, there are many other job vacancies in the country that await you.

Job Vacancies

Open positions for shipping jobs in Felixstowe or manufacturing jobs in Greater London likely formed part of 810,000 vacancies in November 2017. Based on Office for National Statistics data, the job vacancy rate in the country reached its highest level since 2001, even if the national employment rate increased 75.3 per cent.

As such, many companies have turned to recruitment agencies and other third-party services to fill vacant roles. Despite uncertainty over Brexit, the record-high increase unexpectedly caused a 2.5 per cent increase in salaries, including bonuses.

Employers should consider getting help from recruiters to fill job vacancies, especially the most important roles. Likewise, job hunters can rely on recruitment firms if they find it difficult to get the attention of companies.

Differences Between OTR and Local Truck Driving Jobs

by Admin - on Feb 8th 2018 - Comments Off on Differences Between OTR and Local Truck Driving Jobs

A truck driver and his truckIf you’ve been browsing through trucking jobs, you may have seen advertisements for Over the Road (OTR) truck driving and regional or local jobs. With OTR jobs, truck drivers spend more time away from home, driving thousands of miles for long-haul deliveries.

Regional and local truck driving jobs keep drivers closer to home, but they can still cover several hundred miles a day. When choosing between the two, it’s important to learn what each job entails.

OTR Trucking Jobs

Truckers who apply for OTR trucking jobs must be prepared to spend days or even weeks away from their family. On a positive note, they can expect to earn more money from this type of job and receive better benefits.

OTR truck drivers often drive at night to avoid traffic since they are moving freight across hundreds of miles and typically have a deadline for delivery. The highest paid OTR trucking jobs are those related to delivering hazardous chemicals and gas, or those that need to tread on more hazardous travel routes.

Regional and Local Truck Driving

Drivers with this type of work may be able to come home periodically, depending on the delivery’s route, distance, and schedule. Some companies offer the same rate for regional and local trucking as OTR truck driving, but the salary could be lower. The driver could also get the same benefits depending on the company.

Routes for regional and local truck driving are predictable. In many cases, drivers run the same route every day, delivering goods to the same addresses.

If you like a job on the road, OTR trucking may be your best option. You can then transition to regional and local driving later in your career if coming home becomes your priority.