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Stages Involved in the Land Development Process

by Admin - on Jun 22nd 2018 - Comments Off on Stages Involved in the Land Development Process

Land Surveyor ServiceOne of the most lucrative things to invest in is land. Land after all rarely depreciates and always is easy to re-sell. The only way you can get high returns from property, however, is by getting the right experts to handle various aspects of your transaction.

Among the most crucial experts in your land investment is a planning consultant. These experts play a major role in your land development process, which in most cases is the hardest and most crucial aspect of your investment.

Here are the various stages of land development.

The Due Diligence Stage

The first stage of land development involves identification of a suitable property. When assessing the suitability of any land, several factors including growth outlook, geographical location and job creation trends will form a basis for your land choice.

Your land developer will then work with other experts to negotiate the best terms for your acquisition of the land.

The Entitlement Stage

At this stage, the proposed plans for your land’s development undergo submission to the state and federal offices for approvals and sign-offs. The entitlement process unlocks the real value of your land as its various aspects undergo an assessment at this point.

Your land developer will get multiple experts to conduct numerous tests including sewer, utility and land inspection before the land is entitled.

The Development Stage

After entitlement, you are now free to develop the land according to your approved plans. At this stage, your land is valued at three to five times more than your buying price. Some investors hence choose to resell it at this point and make a tidy profit.

You can now appreciate the complexities involved in seamless land development. Any hitches with handling the above aspects will leave you with losses and legal consequences. It is hence essential to work with a reputable planning consultant who will not cut corners and compromise your investment.

Should You Hire a Land Surveyor When Buying Property?

by Admin - on Nov 4th 2016 - Comments Off on Should You Hire a Land Surveyor When Buying Property?

Land SurveyorUnless you own and know how to use surveying instruments and can interpret graphical data, then you definitely need to hire a land surveyor before closing on a home. A land survey is an essential part of buying a home, as equally important as choosing a mortgage program.

The main reason to get the property surveyed before buying it is to find out hidden aspects of the site that may lead to potential issues and major headaches. A surveyor will present you with tons of different data about the site. But if you encounter these things, you may want to give the purchase a second thought.

Site Usability

A survey will be able to detect if the site is not buildable or suitable for residential use. The land may be threatened by subsidence or movement, say if the soil structure is weak, or the property sits on a floodplain or fault line. These are the things you would want to know for the sake of you and your family’s safety.

Limited Access to Utilities

While these issues are more common in off-grid locations, you should still check. Some low-density neighborhoods do have problems with their connection to municipal facilities. Ignoring these issues will cost you money in the future. Off-grid homes may be charming, but bear in mind the future inconveniences.

Unsettled Boundary Disputes

The last thing you want when buying a home is dealing with boundary disputes and other issues, such as unpaid liens and encroachments. A surveyor will able to detect territorial or land use issues that may impinge on the transferring of the title. Buying a home is a major financial decision, so you would want to move to your future home with a clean start.

If house viewing gives you the first impression of a house, a land survey lets you see the “big picture” and know whether you’re making the right choice or not. It’s alright to assume that the land has been surveyed before, but it’s still wiser to get a second opinion. Your agent may not be aware of certain issues or is deliberately withholding information that might influence your decision.