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How Much Would It Cost to Rent a Condo in Metro Manila By 2019?

by Admin - on Sep 24th 2018 - Comments Off on How Much Would It Cost to Rent a Condo in Metro Manila By 2019?

tall buildings in manilaIf you’re planning to rent a condo in Manila, it may be a good time to close a deal before the end of this year. Colliers International Philippines expects the rates for condo units for rent in Metro Manila to increase between 0.3% and 0.5% per year from 2019 to 2021. The rising demand has been one of the factors for the growth. For instance, Rockwell has had a higher take-up for its property portfolio, according to Colliers.

Property Vacancies

Rockwell’s vacancy for its portfolio improved to 10.3% from 11.3% between April and June, particularly for its Rockwell Center units in Makati City. Expatriates account for a significant portion of the demand, as well as the investors who want to cash in on the strong market.

The minimum price of a luxury condominium in Metro Manila is up to P6 million, so it’s safe to assume a six-figure rental rate for these types of residential units. Take note, however, that the current rates may only continue to increase in the coming months, especially since the demand from Chinese nationals further influence higher property prices.

Demand from the Gaming Sector

Those who are looking for rental properties in the Bay Area should know that leasing rates during the second quarter rose to P1, 500 per square meter, up from P1, 000 per square meter, according to Colliers Philippines Research Manager, Joey Roi Bondoc.

The situation is largely the same in Makati, where properties are consistently more expensive if they are nearer the Central Business District or CBD. Employees of gaming companies from China have fueled the recent uptick, as many of them look for homes near their place of work in Metro Manila.

Individual buyers and investors should decide soon if they still want to rent a condominium in Metro Manila before leasing rates become too expensive next year. Consider a unit in a mixed-use property development where most facilities for work and leisure are not too far away.

Move into a Neighbourhood That Suits Your Lifestyle and Needs

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Room interiorMost people hope to find the cheapest house available. But there are also some who are willing to compromise if it guarantees them a home in a particular area. For example, would you consider paying double your current house rent if it meant you would live two minutes away from your workplace? For some, the proximity may be worth the extra cost.

Living in the Suburbs

Suburbs provide a combination of modern houses, business hubs, established social amenities and an overall feel-good atmosphere. When searching for new homes in Werribee, for instance, consider touring some of the suburb areas within the town, such as Manor Lakes.

Urban Areas

The urban environment provides a different set of dynamics. It is favourable for young people who are about the nightlife. That is due to the numerous clubs that host parties every day of the week. In urban areas, most of the houses are either in the form of residential apartments or lofts above businesses. Urban houses will suit you if you work within the town. However, if you work outside the city, congested traffic may make your morning and evening trips time-consuming.

Downtown Areas

These are characterised by unplanned structures. A majority of the houses are in the form of studio apartments located above businesses. They are often preferred due to their low costs. Additionally, the cost of items around downtown areas is usually significantly lower. The only problem is the lack of proper parking spaces, as a lot of space is occupied by stalls and movable trailers.

Every environment is accompanied by unique features. When selecting a house, you must take into consideration which environment suits you best. It is likely that, for instance, urban areas will not be suitable for you if you prefer a quiet environment.

What are the Trending Food Choices in Australia for 2018?

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Fruits and vegetablesMore Australians are interested in including moon milk to their diet in 2018, based on an analysis of health and wellness concepts on social media.

Pinterest saves (or pinning), which determine the popularity of certain ideas, served as the indicator for the trending beverage. Moon milk refers to any regular cow’s milk combined with natural ingredients like honey or fruit.

Natural Flavourings

Saves for moon milk on Pinterest increased by 85% among users in the country, while the analysis recorded a whopping 700% surge in saves for the rest of the world. Top Shelf Concepts adds that some users make their design contributions more appetising with the use of a colourful resin tray. Food retailers and groceries should also consider the use of different resources for their deli counter displays.

Naysayers would claim that moon milk is only an improved version of chai lattes, but the fact remains that people often want to try something new even if it’s just a scale above an existing product. Other trends in Australia like buying organic items have existed recently, as evidenced by many consumers willing to spend more on a healthier diet.

Business Niche

Supermarket chains are trying to cash in on the growing consumption of organic food choices, such as hemp seeds and cacao, in the last five years. The increased interest in healthier food choices led them to set up a spot on grocery stores solely for organic products.

As some Australians are willing to spend almost $90 more every week to buy healthier food, supermarkets responded by giving them more options.

The food industry should pay attention to this year’s trends in healthy eating and see it as an opportunity to drum up business. Presentation is the key when trying to stimulate the appetite of your target market, so be sure to invest in tools that help in striking a good first impression of any product.

Stress, Stress Go Away: Methods to Get Rid of Stress

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a happy seniorEveryone experiences stress at work or home. This is a natural reaction of your body to the numerous experiences we have at the office and home. Some people endure this stress and soon enough suffer from various ailments as a result.

There are many strategies for people to relax and eliminate the stress away from work. The following are ways to de-stress.

Purchase a waterfront home

Some studies say that proximity to water helps the mind and body relax. You can breathe in fresh air and the sea breeze. Getting away from the chaos of the city creates in people a state of calm and peace. There are several waterfront homes for sale in areas like Rockport, Fulton that could offer you the right atmosphere.

Go for 10-minute walks

Walking in a forest or park puts you in a meditative state. Also, any activity or exercise boosts circulation and encourages your body to produce endorphins.

Listen to your favorite music

There is no easier way to relieve stress than listening to music. Some choose classical music due to its soothing effect. It slows down your heart rate and lessens the production of stress hormones. Music makes people expect pleasure, even if they are undergoing something difficult. In a study by the University of Finland and the
University of Denmark, the researchers observed that the participants improved their mood after listening to music.

Keep away from your mobile phone and gadgets

Disconnect from mobile technology and social media. Studies have shown that the more time people spend on Facebook, the more stress they experience. Though social media gives you the chance to connect, it also encourages feelings of social isolation, according to some studies.

Relief from stress is an important step to maintaining your health. It gives you more energy and motivates you to accomplish your goals.

What is City-Fringe Living? Look No Further than Paya Lebar Quarter

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Woman walking on grass

After a long week at work, you want to be able to stretch out your legs and shake up your daily routine. While a trip out of town can be an amazing experience, city fringe living has a lot to offer as well.

City fringe living is all about exploring the urban landscape and enjoying new experiences within the limits of your city. With the launch of Paya Lebar Quarter (PLQ), professionals working within the city can conveniently travel to any part of the city, thanks to the development’s excellent access to public transport.

So, what is there to see in Paya Lebar and the surrounding areas? Here are some amazing sights to explore in the city:

Follow the Coffee Trail

Paya Lebar has an excellent selection of cafes that are sure to please any coffee lover. Many amazing small cafes line Tanjong Katong Road, where you can taste complex flavours in coffee shops like Laneway Market and the Do. Main Bakery.

For delicious sandwiches to go with your morning coffee, Brawn & Brains café is a crowd pleaser, located nearby at Guillemard Road. Feeling extra hungry? The Tuckshop is chock-full of delectable breakfast fry-ups that are a perfect match to a cup of hot coffee. The shop is also known for its excellent selection of craft beers straight from the tap.

For a one-of-a-kind coffee tasting experience, Liberty Coffee has something for the true coffee connoisseur. Strictly by appointment only, this coffee shop can teach all about the different notes found in each blend of coffee beans.

Connect with Your Cultural Roots

Those who wish to experience the cultural roots of the city can find a wide assortment of Buddhist and Hindu temples in Paya Lebar, along with other historical landmarks like the Geylang Serai Foot Trail. Paya Lebar is nestled by the historical district, which is also known for its great selection of traditional cuisines ‒ from Chinese to Malay to Indonesian fare.

Shop Indie

Paya Lebar is known for its modern retail malls, but true fashionistas will know of the many indie offerings too. The City Plaza, which is just a few steps away from the MRT station, is full of local independent boutiques where you can find one-of-a-kind items, including on-trend fashion items by indie designers, as well as handmade crafts and home décor.

Life within the city fringe does not need to be boring – take a break and explore the best of what the city has to offer.

The Budget Traveller: 3 Easy Ways to Get the Best Hostel in London

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double-decker bus in LondonBudget hostels are great finds in London, and they make your trip even more enjoyable. From getting into the local vibe to saving up on your sleeping quarters, choosing a hostel over a regular hotel has several benefits.

Here are some tips for you to find the best hostel here:

Do some early bird booking.

After you have booked your flight, make sure that your next course of action is to look for your accommodation. Finding affordable hostels with private rooms in London is easy enough when you have a lot of time to plan. This pays off whether or not you are visiting during on or off-peak seasons.

Identify your non-negotiables.

Every traveller has his or her own needs and non-negotiables. For a lot of people, bathrooms can be the decisive factor while others are interested in the frills that come with the lodging. Are you travelling with family and therefore want a room with a family-friendly environment? Do you prefer a green-conscious hostel? It pays to know what your non-negotiables are beforehand.

Opt for basics with lots of experiences.

Before the explosion of budget accommodation, hostels were usually reserved for quick stays for nomad travellers. The idea is to deliver the necessities—a place to sleep and shower—before one heads off to a new adventure.

That’s why a couple of hostels still follow a “no frills” approach. However, that does not mean hostels are a no-go; in fact, they are the right lodging for those who want to get into the local vibe. Hostels are the perfect place to meet fellow travellers, and the owners are usually very helpful in giving you tips on where to go.

Finding the best hostel is more a matter of taste and perseverance on your part. While it can be a matter of luck by stumbling on a great hostel on your search, the trick is knowing what you want and never stopping until you find it.

Four Wonderful Reasons to Visit London

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Big Ben LondonYou have probably heard about London and what a great city it is. Still, you are having thoughts about actually visiting the place and taking a tour for certain reasons. You have come to the right place though as today, we will be discussing the reasons why you should visit the fantastic city as soon as possible.

Worried about expensive rentals and hotels? No need to worry, as there are lots of affordable accommodations in London. You only have a limited budget for your trip? Well, you do not have to spend tons of money just to savor the uniqueness of the place. Continue reading below to find out why London’s worth the visit.

The Amazing Sights

London has lots of historical landmarks and wondrous tourist spots. Some of these include the Big Ben, the Tower of London, the London Eye, the Buckingham Palace, and many more. If you want to see the sights without having to spend tons of money, then hopping on a red double-decker bus with a tourist guide is the way to go.

The Buzzing Nightlife

Keen on partying? Well then, you will definitely enjoy visiting the city, as this place never sleeps. If you are looking for dive bars, chic clubs, theatres, comedy bars, and classic pubs, you are in the right place.

Interesting History

When it comes to history, London will never cease to amaze you. Their museums are to die for. Make sure to visit the London Dungeons for a spooky night out, or know more about the royal family at the Hampton Court Palace.

The Awe-Inspiring People

Be sure to chat with the locals, as you will surely learn a lot from them. You can ask them for places to visit, or even ask them to tell you stories about the area. The results will definitely surprise you.

What are you waiting for? Go ahead and book a ticket to London right now. The city will be waiting for you.

3 Tips to Help Make Your Tent Party a Success

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Party tent set on a backyardRenting a party tent has become popular these days. Whether you’re having a low-key party, a kid’s party, or even an elegant wedding reception, there’s always a party tent that you can rent.

Here are some tips on how to make your party a success if you’re renting a tent. Après Event Décor & Tent Rental and other experts recommend keeping these in mind when you contact a clearspan tent rental for your next party.

1. Decide on a theme.

What’s great about renting a tent is that you can choose any theme you want. Think of a party tent as a blank canvas. You can design it in any way you want. Planning an elegant 1920s party? No problem. How about a safari-themed party for your child’s birthday? That’s easy! As long as you think it’s achievable, your party tent could probably support it.

2. Rent a tent that is big enough for everybody at your party.

Remember that you need to rent a tent that is not just big enough for your guests, but also your party suppliers — the caterers, performers, bands, and events people. You need to work with your event organizer to calculate the total amount of people that will be present at your party, so you can rent a tent that’s big enough for all.

3. Make the tent a part of your event setup.

As mentioned, you can design the tent any way you want, which means you can also make it a part of your actual setup. There are party tents that have a clear top. If you’re having a garden wedding, a clear-top party tent can be a good conversation-starter among your guests and a great way to add that wow factor.

Consider these tips if you’re planning to rent a tent for the first time. Just think of it as a blank canvas and let your creativity shine.