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Business Matters: What Every First-time Entrepreneur Should Know

by Admin - on Nov 13th 2015 - Comments Off on Business Matters: What Every First-time Entrepreneur Should Know

Business ManAnything first is crucial – a toddler’s first step, a teenager’s first crush, a fresh graduate’s first job, and an adult’s first car, to name a few. But, nothing is more crucial than being a first-time entrepreneur. Expect ups and downs or failures and success along the way. Fortunately, there are many ways you can make your very first business venture a lot easier. Devoted Business Development shares some of them below:

  1. You Should Be Willing to Take Risks

Once an opportunity knocks, grab the chance and take action. Make the first move if you want something done. If you fail, you have no one to blame but yourself. The good thing is you gave it a try, and it’s better than just letting the opportunity pass by.

  1. Read a Lot

Read everything and anything on hand – newspapers, magazines, books, blogs, etc. to keep you abreast of what’s happening around the globe. You may keep a journal to jot down ideas which may come in handy in the future. The point is, keep on learning!

  1. Consult the Experts

Talk to someone who can help you run your business. Look for someone you look up to; whose idea’s you find brilliant, whose advice you respect, and whose visions are the same as yours. This person could be somebody who inspires you and challenges you to do your best. You may also want to hire a business consultant. Minnesota has a number of reputable business consulting firms that can give you a hand in managing your business.

  1. Learn to Listen

Listen to your co-workers, clients, potential investors, and the people around you. Take note of their comments – positive or negative. Be open to their advice and suggestions.

  1. Never Give Up

Don’t let struggles and failures discourage you. They are part of your journey. It won’t harm you to give it another try. So, keep going!`

Putting up your own business requires a tough mind, body, and spirit. Just make sure that you surround yourself with people you trust; and don’t forget to arm yourself with tons of patience and volumes of knowledge.

The 5 Best Techniques for Managing a Growing Dance Studio

by Admin - on Sep 13th 2015 - Comments Off on The 5 Best Techniques for Managing a Growing Dance Studio

dance studioRunning a growing dance studio is hardly an easy task. As the number of enrollments continues to rise, you find it more difficult to stay on top of everything. How do you maintain the same level of service while accepting new students every month?

Even if things are seemingly going well right now, it’s important for studio owners to always plan for the future. These five tips will help ensure that you remain the best in your location.

  1. Invest in software – As a studio gets larger, management tasks become more complicated and time consuming. Class scheduling, student registration, payment processing, and many other activities can quickly become overwhelming. Automating and streamlining these tasks with software dance studio management is a necessary investment.
  2. Upgrade your facilities –Dance students thrive and learn best in an environment that caters to their needs. Are your mirrors, sound equipment, and other parts of the studio up to par? As your studio becomes more well-known, make sure that it can accommodate the increased number of students.
  3. Take care of your staff – You can have the most sophisticated facilities in the world, but it’s all for naught without the right people. A good dance studio is one that continues to train, develop, and nurture its employees. Help them stay up to date and encourage creativity. Their positivity and love for the job will keep clients coming back.
  4. Improve your marketing – Now that you have an established reputation and growing client base, it is the perfect time to take a look at your marketing strategy. What has been working, and what could be improved? Who are your best clients, and where do they come from? If you want even greater success in the future, it’s important to stay updated about market trends.
  5. Look for performance opportunities – There are few greater joys for a dance student than having the chance to show what they have learned. Make sure that you are constantly searching for performance opportunities; putting your students onstage is necessary for their growth, and is a great way to build your studio’s reputation.

Don’t lose sight of why your clients choose you over the competition. By putting the needs of your students first, your studio will enjoy continued growth.