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How To Market Your Business On A Shoestring Budget

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A small business ownerSmall businesses and startups often do not have the luxury of outsourcing their marketing needs because of limited budget. Fortunately, there are marketing practices that do not involve spending huge amounts of valuable financial resources.

Ask For Referrals

You will be amazed at how friends and family may know somebody who might just be interested in the products or services that you offer. Learn how to ask for referrals from people you know. Most people say that they are willing to provide a referral when asked. You will likely meet potential clients or at least get something that can benefit your business through your personal network.

Use Brochures

Printing brochures is a cost-effective way to promote your business. You can create brochures that discuss what makes your products and services different from those currently available in the market. Make sure to distribute these to people who are likely to be interested in what you offer.

Use The Internet

Using the internet to promote your business does not require a lot of money. You can even market your business online for free. Create a website or blog. This will increase your chances of being discovered by potential clients who use search engines to find the services or products that they need. Social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter are also powerful tools to promote your business or engage with customers.

Offer Coupons And Giveaways

If you’re confident about the goods and services that you offer, give opportunities for people to experience what you have to offer. Giving a free trial or sample can help you expand your customer base. Research also suggests that using coupons can generate return visits.

Marketing is one of the most challenging aspects of starting and operating a business. Fortunately, there are marketing techniques that can help you grow your business on a shoestring budget or even for free.

Growing Your Business With Promotional Items

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Coming soon sign in laptopIf you are a looking for an effective way to grow your sales and increase your market share, you need to be creative with your marketing approach. Having the right promotional items, for example, creates a lasting impression on your existing and potential customers.

You need to launch an effective marketing campaign to grow your sales and increase your market share. You must draw the attention of the market to your products if you want to improve your sales. For best results, you can invest in effective and creative promotional merchandise.

Unlike other methods, giving away promotional items lend a personal touch to your marketing efforts. Your prospects interact with the merchandise at a personal level and this creates a lasting impression.

Make them functional

To stay ahead of the curve, you need to impress your target clients with an exceptional range of promotional merchandise. You need to avoid the cheap, “run of the mill” items that are every company’s go-to branding items. Depending on your budget, you can opt for keychains, mouse pads, watches, caps and sun visors, flash drives, or t-shirts.

If your budget allows, you can go over the top and have your clients swooning. For instance, instead of the regular umbrellas, you can opt for the inverted umbrellas that open and close in reverse. Not only are such products eye-catching; they likewise speak of your commitment to excellence.

Make them durable

Resisting any attempts to go cheap or cut corners when choosing promotional items is key to making a positive impression. You want to impress your prospects with both the quality of the items, as well as their branding message. You want to furnish your clients with a range of usable and durable promotional items.

Your prospects are likely to associate the quality of your promotional products with the quality of service you offer. You do not want them to remember you for the cheap pens that bled all over their expensive notebooks. It would ruin any chance of winning their trust and their business.

You need to create a presence in the market if you want to succeed in doing business. Getting a little creative with your promotional items enables you to create a positive and lasting impression on your prospects.

Brand Identity: Your Passport to a Successful Online Business

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Hand pressing brand buttonThe digital age has made almost everything possible with just a tap or click. One can run a business and shop without ever leaving the house. With the birth of e-commerce and e-tailers, however, some businesses are unable to establish their brand and therefore fail. This is because building a brand is not just about having a logo or being fair by following the Minimum Advertised Price (MAP) policy and the antitrust law. To build a successful business, you must increase your credibility to gain and retain customers. Here’s how:

Identify your brand

Define who and what you are. What do you and what does your business stand for? Unless you know the exact answer to these questions, you will not be able to communicate your brand to your target audience. This also includes your vision-mission (why you built the business), your goals (what drives you and your staff every day), and your values (the standards everyone in your company lives by).

Be authentic

Sure, you have your vision-mission statements plastered on your website and proclaimed on your social media accounts. But do you abide by them? Do you keep your promises to your customers? Unless your actions match your words, you will not have staying power in the industry.

Know your customers

Identifying your audience is crucial to building your brand. To really know your customers, you must first look at your product and the value it brings to your target. You must also profile your existing customers, use customer personas, and do research about the competition’s customers. You can also make use of automated software or hire a third party to provide you with this information. Once you have this information, you can personalize your approach to engage your customers.

Establish your voice and personality

After determining your brand, your story, and your customers, you can finally tie them all together to create a name, a logo, and a message that embodies all that your company stands for. Of course, you need to consider the industry and your audience in choosing a voice and a personality for your company to make you and your offerings relatable.

Periodically evaluate your performance. Has your branding gained you new conversions? If your branding strategy fails, take wisdom in the adage that “little strokes fell great oaks.” Get up, dust yourself, and rebrand.

Achieve Online Marketing Success With These Simple Steps

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Online Marketing in OgdenWhether your goal is to sell your products on the Internet or promote your brand’s online presence, you need to have an attractive website. Keep in mind, however, that there’s more to creating a website than just paying for a domain name and hosting service and then choosing a nice theme. To attract visitors, you need to put in some serious work.  

According to Internet marketing professionals, such as Ogden’s Standard Examiner, there are several steps that you need to think about to achieve online marketing success. These include the following:

Identify Your Audience

You should understand the interests of your target audience. This will let you focus your marketing strategy more effectively and target those who are likely to respond to your call to action, whether it’s to make a purchase, sign up for a newsletter, or contact you for additional information.

To give you an idea on how to identify your audience, simply answer the following questions: What type of your product are you selling? What need does it fulfill?

Create Useful and Engaging Content

One of the best ways to attract visitors and make them stay is by creating a blog for your site. Apart from engaging your audience, quality content can also do wonders for your search ranking and web traffic. Just be sure to post new content frequently to ensure that your visitors will keep coming back. Creating fresh content constantly will also make the impression on search engines that your website is active and that it is, indeed, being updated on a regular basis.

One final note: Always keep track of your campaign. Use any of the metric tools available online to get accurate data about the progress of your campaign. With the right tool, you will be able to check useful information such as how much time visitors spend on your website or how many made an actual purchase. Those figures will also help you determine the adjustments that you might need to make in order to achieve your goals more effectively.

Ads Everywhere, Don’t Care: Winning at Mobile SEO

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SEO Company Based in MontrealThe growth of paid search has led many brands and marketers to wonder why they should even pay attention to organic search. They argue that since Google is just showing advertisements anyway, then why not allocate a bigger part of the budget for paid search and be done with it?

If you want to grow your traffic, ignore this suggestion. Organic search may be down, but there are numerous reasons why your mobile SEO efforts should still persevere.

More Clicks Guaranteed

Voodoo Creative, a local SEO company, believes that first organic listings receive more clicks compared to sponsored ones. A study from Mediative, another marketing agency based in Montreal, seconds this motion.

The company’s paper entitled “How Do Consumers Conduct Searches on Google Using a Mobile Device?” reveals that a large part of their mobile click shares ends up with organic search results. Users see paid results, but they often brush these off, focusing on organic listings instead.

Still hesitant? Try breaking it down and you’ll see that the top listings receive 73 percent more clicks.

The Top 4 Matters

The study also compared traffic from above-the-fold listings to desktop results. They reported that users do not click on listings beyond the top 4 results. Apparently, mobile searchers are not fond of too much scrolling. For mobile devices, 92 percent of the clicks are always confined to the top 4 results.

What does this mean for you?

Set your eyes on the first four organic listings; a position on the second page shouldn’t be an option. If so, searchers will not see you, especially on mobile.

Keep Up the Faith

With all these paid search hubbubs, brands and marketers would rather not try anymore. But by putting things in perspective, you steer clear from bad strategic decisions.

Mobile SEO will always be effective. You can still increase your smartphone traffic by 84 percent, especially if you fix mobile-friendly errors.

The greatest marketing campaigns always need the power of two: paid search and SEO. Don’t immediately cut your budget for mobile paid search; think things through multiple times before you make a decision.

Search Engine Tactics: Tips to Get First Page Ranking

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SEOThere are several things which have to be done to make sure that a website is well optimized. There are two distinct categories of SEO tactics: on page and off page. On page SEO consists of things to do which include catchy titles, meta tags, descriptions, internal links etc. Off page SEO refers to items like networking, backlinks, and submitting articles to directories.

Here are some things that notable SEO agencies right here in Denver to effectively increase website rankings.

1. Pages titles are very important and creating catchy ones help. Try to be very specific so that the page can get pulled up in searches.

2. Meta descriptions are important too as they offer a synopsis the topic. Try to include keywords here so that search results reflect your page.

3. Meta tags should include all the keywords used in the content of the page. This will help make life easier as publishing platforms take all these and insert it into the HTML format. Publishing becomes much easier.

4. URLs are also important. Try to keep these short and use targeted keywords and keep it simple.

5. Body tags play an important role too. Make sure to keep paragraphs of content short so that it is easy to read and give them headings. Tagging headings makes it easier for crawlers to differentiate content.

6. Keywords are very important too. Make sure to include them throughout the article and not use them excessively.

7. Images help in making content and a site appealing. Use the right images and use them well so that pages get the maximum visibility. Image descriptions help to increase their value.

8. Internal links to other pages on your site makes it easier for visitors to navigate but also to find all the information they need. Make sure to optimize your site so that it is crawler friendly.

These are just a few of the ways that you can improve the on page visibility. Used in tandem with good off page tactics, you can improve page rankings dramatically.

Pounding to the Top: Why Marketing Needs Hashtags

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Social Media in PerthWhen social media became culturally relevant, Internet language flourished. It is universal, incomprehensible at times but mostly, influential. Everybody likes using LOL’s and ROFL’s, emoji’s and other popular Internet expressions. Specifically, they enjoy using hashtags. No other form of Internet language has taken off quite like this wrongfully renamed sign.

Avid social media users remember the first days of hashtags when it was exclusively a Twitter thing. Then, it made the leap to Facebook and people rowed why it does not belong there. The hostility died down and from there, the hashtag became a social media phenomenon.

Simple But Effective

The proliferation of hashtags across all social media networks is unprecedented, according to online marketing company SEO Perth. Yet, its only discernible use is to categorise tweets, posts and shares. Its popularity, however, is rising and soon enough it jumped ship to other purposes.

In the world of marketing, exposure is king. The more people know about a product or service, the better. With social media, it is easier to promulgate a commodity to certain or broad set of customers. Then, hashtag happened and became popular. As a result, more people grew to like it up to a point that its presence meant higher customer engagement.

Across the Board

Hashtags are evident in all popular social media sites. It is utilised profusely in Instagram, the photo-sharing network. While it is unruly to use multiple hashtags, IG users do not mind using five in each post, or 11. They came to this conclusion with an attractive study that observed users with less than a thousand of followers, something that encourages new users.

Facebook, the most populous social media site, is also a fan of the hashtag. It is a little hard to categorise how FB users use hashtags, but rest assured there are plenty of those who do.

Social Media Marketing

It would be wise to be active on social media – namely those looking to sell or be famous. Active profiles are virtual avatars of real people and are a lot of them online and browsing at any given time. Therefore, the potential amount of customers can be up to thousands if the marketing is right.

There has been no alternative for hashtags and no other sign is ripe for the public to use. Furthermore, it already is in an Internet user’s psyche. That makes it very hard to replace and a prime tool market in a deeper, more suggestive sense.

Dressing for Success: How to Dress for an Interview

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InterviewIf you were a graduate of a private school who had to wear uniforms made by designers like permapleat.com.au — collared shirts, school blazers, skirts, and trousers — chances are you won’t have a hard time figuring out how to dress for your first ever job interview.

Dressing for an interview calls for a smart and business look. Unless you’re applying for a very specific job that would require you to be in anything but formal clothes, chances are you have to wear business casual or business attire.

Invest in a good pair of pants and blazer or tailored jacket.

A good pair of pants with a matching blazer or tailored jacket will get you a long way. Even if you don’t have the budget yet for good-quality shirts and blouses, adding a tailored jacket over your outfit will lift it up to smart business casual levels. Add a good pair of leather heels or shoes and you will have the basics of any type of business attire.

Dress for the task.

Even if you will just be going for the interview, you should think about the function and tasks that the position you’re applying for will entail. For example, if you are applying as a marketing associate, dark coloured slacks or trousers with a collared shirt or coordinated blouse will be your best bet. If you are applying as a researcher or as a chemist, for example, amp up the look with a tie. It will instantly make you look and feel the part.

Choose your accessories wisely.

Match your smart-looking outfit with the right accessories. For ladies, avoid wearing accessories that are too big and are in too bright colors. Keep it simple and understated. The same applies for men: if you will be wearing a tie, avoid wearing those with loud prints. Wearing bold accessories might detract the attention of your potential employer; you want them to focus on you and your abilities and not with the clothes you are wearing.

Generate Compelling and SEO-Friendly Content with These 4 Tips

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Digital MarketingThe world of digital marketing has placed great emphasis on search engine optimisation. Experts believe that by optimizing the placement of your website on the rankings of search engines, your marketing and promotional activities are guaranteed to be on-target.

However, the main thing to understand is that SEO activities are not the be-all, end-all of the digital age. And while every Singapore SEO company is doing huge efforts, how do you optimise your own SEO activities?

PurpleClick Media discusses this below.

Know Your Target

Before you can really begin with all that SEO stuff, it is imperative that you know who your target audience is. Check again on your reasons for doing an online marketing campaign. Are you here to sell a product or introduce a service? Or are you simply here to generate awareness for a particular concern? Either way, you definitely have an intended reader in mind. You have to be clear about this so that your SEO activities will be the embodiment of their unique characteristics.

Research Your Keywords

For SEO to work, you need to identify the exact keywords used by your target audience. You also need to place these keywords or keyword phrases in strategic locations in your article or post. Generally, a keyword is more likely to be noticed by search engines if it is placed in the title as well as the first sentence of your article. Putting it in the last sentence can also help.

Write Compelling Articles

Knowing your intended audience is imperative to writing compelling content. Your audience needs to feel that what you wrote is something that they can easily relate to. This creates the early building blocks to the establishment of your website’s credibility and trustworthiness. Your target audience comes to you expecting to gain something. If you know them enough, you can easily identify this something and give it to them.

Make Your Article Count

While a short informative article is great for people who simply do not have the time to read a novel, research shows that search engines prefer those that are written in-depth. Strive for at least 1,500 words. If not, 500 will work for now.

There are other things that you can do to be a better SEO writer. However, knowing your audience and keywords and writing in-depth compelling content for them more than makes up a good majority of your SEO efforts. Now, all you need is to link your site across the Internet.

How a Real Estate Agent Markets Your Property

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Real Estate AgentWhen it comes to selling properties, price negotiation is a big part of a successful sale. Most people lack the right negotiation skills to make a sale. Your real estate agent does the negotiating on your behalf and helps you maximise profits.

Most agents are skilled salesmen and could easily convince potential buyers to grab a reasonable offer. Your agent also redirects the heat of the negotiation process away from you, enabling you to relax and just wait for the closure of the deal.

Real Estate Agents are Expert Salesmen

A real estate agent is a full-time marketer. This means he is constantly on the lookout for good buyers for your property. This takes away the hassle of searching for a buyer on your own, especially if you have other crucial matters to attend to. Agents also act as great buffers and can easily weed out genuine serious buyers from the ones that are just browsing through. This shortens the process of selling a property.

Professional Networking

Real estate agents have a large network of other professionals. This provides a wide marketing network for your properties. They know where and from whom to get the best deals in your area and so you can get the best deal for a sale. Your agent also has knowledge of the neighbourhood and what is currently trending, advising you accordingly.

Understand Prevailing Market Conditions

Real estate agents have a wealth of experience in prevailing market conditions. They can give you great advice on the laws and regulations that govern the selling of your property. They can also give you key pointers on how to best model your property and any renovations that need to be undertaken so as to get the best price out of the sale.