Selling mattresses to a market that doesn't sleepThe mattress industry is booming, and you want a slice of the profit pie. There’s nothing wrong with that. You don’t even have to develop your very own mattress if you want to go the franchising route. This is ideal because you will offer a product that has already been tried and tested.

The only problem is, how do you sell a mattress in a market full of customers that don’t sleep? Look at these advertising angles:

For Those with a Bad Back

Because of sports, bad lifestyle choices, or even genetics, a person might have a bad back. When that is the case, they find it hard to look for a comfortable mattress that will not put too much pressure on their back while they are sleeping. The mattress store franchise can have a special section for firmer foams that address this issue. Offer them a suitable mattress, and you might even get them to recommend your product to fellow sufferers.

For Those Sharing a Bed with the Little Ones

Adults sharing a bed with their children have a dilemma: they want the bed to be comfortable for them, but they also want it to be big enough to accommodate more people. That means a higher cost if they don’t choose wisely. Help them with their problem by showing them your biggest mattresses that are within their budget. When they enter the store, they will be drawn to size first and price second. Give them the best of both worlds, and you’ll be a life-saver.

For Those Badly Needing Self-care

One of the reasons why mattress sales are at an all-time high is that self-care is also at an all-time high. While activities vary for each person, many agree that the simplest form of caring for oneself is through spending more time in bed. Also, the quality of sleep matters, too. Your product can be the one to help them achieve restful sleep.

Everyone needs a bed, but marketing to the general population is harder than targeting a specific demographic. Thus, choose the people to sell your product to and expand from there.