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From Pandemonium to Organisation: A Beautiful Transformation

by Admin - on Nov 11th 2016 - Comments Off on From Pandemonium to Organisation: A Beautiful Transformation

Organised OfficeA clean and organised office depicts an image of confidence and competence. It’s like telling your clients of your efficiency in handling their affairs. A messy office tells a different story.

It’s said that people can judge how your business is doing by looking at your work place. If your files are all over the place, with manuals and other materials scattered all around, it’s either you’re really busy or simply disorganised. Obviously, prospective clients may lean towards the latter and that might not sit well with them. As such, it might be time to get rid of the clutter.


Okay, you’d like to have a hard copy of everything but hey, you need a permanent holding place for them, right? Filing cabinets weren’t invented for nothing, you know. According to the Education and Training Unit website, filing cabinets are necessary to help you file your documents in an orderly manner so that you know where to get them when the time comes. That’s why they’re called filing cabinets in the first place, because it’s where you keep your files organised.

Trays and Cases

You think a cluttered table of documents would come across your client as proof of your hectic business activity? Even that might have a negative effect. It would only show inefficiency in handling documents, which, unfortunately, also translates to ineptitude and incompetence. Buy yourself some of those in-out trays where you can place documents that you need immediately. You can also get a couple of corner trim file case where you can put other documents and manuals. According to Wall Street Journal, it would look nice and more organised to have concentrated areas for certain documents.

Get Dirty

Take an hour of your time, roll up those sleeves and start cleaning your office. Remove unsightly dirt and stains from your table and chairs. You can use a mild cleaning solution for that. If you don’t have time for this, you can always hire professionals engaged in commercial cleaning in Auckland. They can perform the same task in perhaps half the time you need to complete it.

Having a cluttered desk or an office full of files in disarray does not always equate to a successful business operation, says an expert from Allbrite Services Ltd. Even news bureaus, which happen to have one of the busiest business operations, have organised desks and files. With a little bit of help, you can transform your office from a picture of chaotic messiness into orderly perfection.

Cleanliness and Productivity: Free Your Office from Clutter

by Admin - on Oct 18th 2016 - Comments Off on Cleanliness and Productivity: Free Your Office from Clutter

Office Cleaning in AucklandSeveral researches have concluded that clutter undermines people’s productivity at work. As with anything requiring focus, the correct mindset is important for performance. When clutter is the first and last thing you see at work, it doesn’t help you achieve that high-level performance.

Clutter does not just affect you mentally; it can get in your way physically. Have you ever wasted an hour looking for a file that your boss needed for a meeting, only to find it under stacks of documents on your intern’s desk instead of in the filing cabinet? A messy workplace is a place where things get delayed, affecting productivity and profitability.

Perhaps it comes with the territory. In some offices, such as those of newspapers, trying to control the clutter is like trying to replace a car’s tires while it’s running. Still, companies should try their best to keep the clutter and mess down to a minimum, and schedule major cleaning days a few times a year at least.

In a regular office, you can control the mess by doing the following:

Giving instructions on clutter

Your employees’ desks should be free from clutter before they leave for the day. Inform them to clear their desks accordingly and not just dump whatever’s left of their work in their drawers. If you allow employees to eat at their desks, they should at least cleanup and not leave half-eaten sandwiches lying around. Remind them of the effects of clutter and mess on their performance, and on how other people see them when they spot their filthy work area.

Schedule cleaning

Hire commercial cleaners in Auckland to handle major cleaning days. You can also hire them to clean the bathrooms and break room regularly. Although your employees are capable of getting rid of the clutter on their desk and using the Windex now and then, you can’t expect them to vacuum the carpet or wipe the blinds. These are jobs for the professionals.

Productivity is partly the product of mind-setting. It’s difficult for your employees to do that if they can’t see past the dust and clutter collecting all over the office. Keep your workplace clean and see improvements in productivity.