Photo of Washington, USAWashington is, without a doubt, a state with scenic views. It wouldn’t be surprising if this were the reason the Twilight franchise was filmed here. Among the cities in Washington, Pasco stands out due to its attractions. The city has its share of nature parks, amusement centers, and historical museums for residents and tourists alike. A company handling houses for sale in Pasco lists some of the places that people here love.

1. Franklin County Historical Museum

For history enthusiasts or families that are curious about the city, Pasco’s Franklin County Historical Museum is available for viewing. The site presents how Pasco grew as an agricultural city with help from nearby merging rivers, and how the two World Wars affected its people.

2. Sacajawea State Park

Up next is Sacajawea State Park, which is filled with greenery and bordered by the Columbia and Snake rivers. The park is named after Sacajawea, an American-Indian woman who guided explorers Lewis and Clark in traversing the Western territory of America. Tourists in the park can opt to embark on the Heritage Trail and do hiking or biking activities there.

3. Gordon Estate Wine Bar

This wine bar is known in Pasco for its signature brewed drink. Tourists can eat with friends or family, thanks to the area’s restaurant amenities, which happens to have live music every day.

4. Sun Willows Golf Course

The Sun Willows golf course serves as a playing site for sports enthusiasts who are visiting the city. Groups of friends or families can play golf and get refreshments at the bar in the area.

The city of Pasco is one of Washington’s sought-after destinations. Residents have several options to choose from. They can go to nature parks and historical museums, or taste wine and do recreational sports. These benefits are just some of the things that Pasco readily offers its residents.