Product PackagingMarketing in the retail sector hinges largely on product packaging. How your products appear to customers affects how they make decisions. In many instances, only the packaging of one product gives it an edge over the others. When a consumer sees that the packaging conveys quality and, in other instances, it represents the brand that the consumer trusts, they make the decision to go with that product, regardless of whether the product is actually better than its contemporaries, explains an expert from Flexo Impressions.


According to Consumer Reports, packaging color and design elicits a noticeable behavior in consumers when they are shopping. Colors attract attention, but they must be used in the context of the brand’s goals in marketing. This is why cereal products for kids are more colorful than similar products made for adults. For many brands that are identified by the strength of their colors, incorporating those colors with their packaging is important. When you think of Coca-Cola, for example, you always see red, so most of their product packaging typically uses red.


To use the Coca-Cola example once again, you can identify which one is a Coke based only on the shape of the bottle. The unique shape of its bottle has even led to the phrase “Coca-Cola body”, which means a woman with a curvy physique. Coke capitalizes on the recognizability of its bottle shape so that even its bar codes are shaped like it. Other beverage makers use a different shape, but the style and colors of their printed shrink sleeve separate them from their competitors.


The market that a brand is trying to sell to influences the design process for packaging as well. For example, gold, black, and silver colors tell the consumer the product is luxurious (whether true or not). Sleek lines on the packaging are trademarks of the tech industry. When selling organic products, companies use green. As for spirituality, lavender is the preferred color.

How companies present their products through the packaging does not happen by accident. It’s part of the marketing plan, which takes months or even years to finish. Remember this when you start selling your own products. Packaging is a huge part of the marketing effort.