a damaged roof ventThere is nothing more unsightly than a well-built house with compromised roofing. A good number of homeowners focus more on the flooring, piping or wall layering of a home all while forgetting the most critical aspect of all, which is the roof. Even the most experienced contractors can admit albeit hesitantly to having committed certain roofing mistakes. According to warburtonsinc.com, here are a few common roofing mistakes.

Unfavorable roofing for specific weather conditions

Some roofing materials can be modified to tough out any weather. However, certain measures like installing under layers can go a long way in preventing ice dams during winter and leaks during the rainy season. Different materials can be used for roofing. They include asphalt, metal, wood, and clay.

Poor nailing technique

Using the right amount of nails is detrimental to the longevity and stability of your roof. Some contractors, while looking to save money, end up spreading nails too thin when putting the shingles in place. Consequently, the roof falls short of providing the intended years of service. Additionally, say a contractor is installing metal roofing in Utah, hammering the nail in too far or too loose per shingle is wrong.

This can make way for rainwater or melted snow to seep in, damaging the roof even further.

Recycling of flashings

Walls and chimneys need more flashing as compared to other areas of the house. While building a new roof or during repairs, it is advisable to use new flashing as opposed to the old ones. You may want to save time and money and yet end up spending even more cash once the flashings get faulty. New flashing may prove costly but will alternatively provide you excellent service and peace of mind in return.

A good-looking house depicts a well-to-do family whereas a poorly maintained home may raise concern among family and friends.