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A Welder’s Watch List: Some Safety Precautions for Welding

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a welder working on a piece of metalEver since men learned to harness fire, it has become an invaluable tool. From cooking meals to lighting the way, fire is as useful as it is captivating. Welding allows for two pieces of metal to be joined together by heating them up to their melting point. And where intense heat is involved, precaution must be taken.

Problems can arise when people—even trained professionals—play with fire. Welding equipment suppliers advise that proper safety precautions be taken before even purchasing a torch or tank.

Suit Up

Protective gear is a must when it comes to welding. As far as your eyes are concerned, they are the most exposed to the torch. They are prone not only to incoming sparks or debris but also to the harsh ultraviolet glare produced by the torch’s flame. This is why the most basic safety gear any welder can own is a pair of welding glasses.

The glasses must be tinted to protect the eyes from the brightness and also be durable enough to withstand debris and other obstructions. A face shield or helmet can also be used to ensure further protection.

Gloves are another resource that a welder must have at his or her disposal. Heatproof welding gloves allow a welder to handle a torch easily without exposure to the harsh burns caused by it. A welder’s gloves must be heavy duty and must at least cover the forearms.

Inspection before Ignition

Before lighting up that torch, any responsible welder must first check his or her equipment. Check the fuel tank for any leaks or punctures. Do not also forget to inspect the tank’s connection to the torch. Inspect the torch and the electrode holder for any damage to prevent shock or electrocution.

It is also important to inspect your surroundings before welding. Be sure that no flammable materials or fire hazards are in your immediate vicinity and always have a fire extinguisher on hand.

Being a responsible welder means being a safe welder. These tips can keep both you and those around you out of harm’s way.

Electrical Inspection of an Old Texas Home: What Happens?

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Electrician Inspecting Electricity SystemWith a history that began in the early 1700s, Texas has a lot of old homes. These properties are not only gorgeous but are also historical. Owning one is enough for a bragging right. These houses lasted for many years for a reason: the materials are quality.

It doesn’t mean, though, they don’t need any inspection. This is especially true for its electrical system. As the new owner, it’s your responsibility to call Texas licensed electricians such as Rockwall Electric for inspection.

Here’s what happens during the process.

Initial Inspection

Electricians perform different types of inspection. The tools they bring, the people who come over, and the expectations depend on the job at hand. It’s also possible for them to return a couple of times. Each visit will have another objective.

For example, the first inspection may be an observation. They will note the areas that need a closer look or a change. These could be the wires and circuit breakers. From this, they can provide more information about the succeeding inspections.

These can include how soon they can complete the rewiring and the cost of the service. You can use this data to compare your electricians.

Rewiring and Installation

Unlike other states, Texas doesn’t have a state building code. Rather, it depends on the local regulations. For this reason, it’s best to work with city or county electricians. They are the most familiar of these rules. Should you proceed, the rewiring and installation process commences. This stage takes some time.

In general, at least 75 percent of the house may have new wires within three days. If you decide to stay in the house during the service, it may take even longer. It’s wise to give the team at least a week to complete the job.

Maintenance Inspection

Electrical wires are durable. They can last for more than 60 years. So do circuit breakers. They should not make you complacent, though. Experts suggest performing a thorough panel review every three years. Preventive maintenance, on the other hand, should be at least once a year.

An electrical inspection is not only to be compliant with the building codes. More than anything, it’s for your protection – and that of your new investment.

Simple Ways to Improve Road Safety

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A road signRoad accidents happen every day, in every part of the world. No matter how advanced a city or community has become, the risks are still present. The governments need to do something to make the roads safer for motorists and pedestrians. While rules against driving under the influence as well as texting and calling while driving are already in place, it doesn’t hurt to implement additional road safety measures.

Installing vehicle led light bars on long vehicles makes them more visible when driving at night or in poorly-lit roads; therefore, preventing other drivers from crashing into them. Simple measures like these can help a lot in preventing road accidents.

Here are a few more road safety tips everyone can follow:

Mind Your Speed

When driving late at night or when traffic is particularly light, many motorists tend to speed up just because it is convenient. Data shows that speeding was the cause of more than 11,000 car-accident related deaths in 2008. Speed not only has a direct impact on the driver, but also on the chances of him or her killing someone else on the road.

In addition, the elements and sudden changes in weather can affect road conditions, so it is highly advisable to stay within the posted speed limit for everyone’s safety.

Buckle Up

This is one of the most basic safety rules, but it likewise among the most neglected. Seat belts have been proven to save the lives of people in car crashes by as much as 60%. The airbags and advanced electronics only offer minimal assistance. Reports reveal that countries such as the UK, which have implemented mandatory rules on seatbelts, were able to improve road safety. This was followed by a 35% decrease in hospitalisations due to road traffic injuries.

Keeping the tyres and engine in good condition likewise helps prevent road accidents. More importantly, a big chunk of the responsibility rests in the driver’s hands. If you know you are tired, sleepy or under the influence, do not drive. Pull up on the side of the road or find a petrol station where you can rest for a few minutes. It is better to be cautious than be sorry in the end.

Tips Every Mining Business Owner Must Follow

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Mining BusinessBeing in the mining industry is challenging because of the many risks you face every working day. It’s no secret that there have already been casualties because of accidents. However, these hazards can be avoided if you know how to take care of your employees and set effective safety procedures. Here are some important safety measures to keep in mind to make your business free from accidents.

Notice and Assess the Dangers

Accidents that cause major injuries and even death can happen in just a moment of negligence. That’s why the first step is to consciously acknowledge that the industry you’re in is a hazardous one. This way, you can take the necessary steps and take actions to prevent the hazards from causing danger to your employees.

Conduct Adequate Planning

You shouldn’t carry out dangerous tasks unless adequate planning is done. Your employees should know every single step on how to do the job right and safely. You should never rush and compromise people’s safety just to increase productivity or meet deadlines.

Hire Safety Experts for Training

Every single employee should undergo safety training before they start and continuous training as time goes by. Even employees who have been working for you for years should attend refresher sessions. Trainings must include practical and theoretical components of being safe in the workplace. You can use the proven effective Take 5 Risk Assessment booklet for this.

Provide Complete Safety Equipment

Nobody should be allowed to work without wearing complete and fully functional safety equipment, from gloves to safety glasses to helmets. This should be strictly followed at all times, no excuses. In fact, there are already countless instances that workers got saved from harm because of wearing helmets and gears.

It’s always better to be safe than sorry. Follow these four tips to make sure your workers are always safe even if the mining industry is a naturally dangerous one.