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Why Political Social Media Posts Won’t Work for Your Brand

by Admin - on Jan 31st 2017 - Comments Off on Why Political Social Media Posts Won’t Work for Your Brand

Social MediaSocial media has become today’s digital opinion column. Everywhere you go, there are commentaries on current events, political incorrectness, and other viral stories that might offend the average internet user. There is no social media platform free of politics – even Snapchat keeps up with the times.

While netizens take every opportunity to voice out their responses to whatever trending political news there is, brands and businesses prefer to keep mum. Social media professionals believe it should stay that way.

Binary Opposition

It isn’t uncommon hearing (or in this case, seeing) someone else’s responses to the political sphere. The difficulty with the politics of today, however, is that there is no gray area. Someone must always choose sides. The problem this creates for brands that choose to indulge in politics is the amount of unnecessary polarization of its customers and target audience.


Due to the polarization, there is a huge chance that customers will see the brand in a negative light. With marketing automation support, content is king. Brands who encourage that kind of binary discord immediately hurt their own reputation and tinge their content with an inane political stance.

Loss of Following

This is the final phase of inserting politics into brand content. As an effect of giving the upper hand to one side of a cause and harvesting negativity around the social media presence, the brand will inevitably lose a sizable part of their following. They may gain more from their chosen cause, but the chances of getting more customers from the entire population are slimmer because of their political agenda.

The key to a successful social media strategy is neutrality. It is your goal as a brand to boost the morale of your customers and not make them feel they shouldn’t be part of your community because of their political stance. People see enough of rants and bad news online – your brand shouldn’t add to that.

Pounding to the Top: Why Marketing Needs Hashtags

by Admin - on Feb 12th 2016 - Comments Off on Pounding to the Top: Why Marketing Needs Hashtags

Social Media in PerthWhen social media became culturally relevant, Internet language flourished. It is universal, incomprehensible at times but mostly, influential. Everybody likes using LOL’s and ROFL’s, emoji’s and other popular Internet expressions. Specifically, they enjoy using hashtags. No other form of Internet language has taken off quite like this wrongfully renamed sign.

Avid social media users remember the first days of hashtags when it was exclusively a Twitter thing. Then, it made the leap to Facebook and people rowed why it does not belong there. The hostility died down and from there, the hashtag became a social media phenomenon.

Simple But Effective

The proliferation of hashtags across all social media networks is unprecedented, according to online marketing company SEO Perth. Yet, its only discernible use is to categorise tweets, posts and shares. Its popularity, however, is rising and soon enough it jumped ship to other purposes.

In the world of marketing, exposure is king. The more people know about a product or service, the better. With social media, it is easier to promulgate a commodity to certain or broad set of customers. Then, hashtag happened and became popular. As a result, more people grew to like it up to a point that its presence meant higher customer engagement.

Across the Board

Hashtags are evident in all popular social media sites. It is utilised profusely in Instagram, the photo-sharing network. While it is unruly to use multiple hashtags, IG users do not mind using five in each post, or 11. They came to this conclusion with an attractive study that observed users with less than a thousand of followers, something that encourages new users.

Facebook, the most populous social media site, is also a fan of the hashtag. It is a little hard to categorise how FB users use hashtags, but rest assured there are plenty of those who do.

Social Media Marketing

It would be wise to be active on social media – namely those looking to sell or be famous. Active profiles are virtual avatars of real people and are a lot of them online and browsing at any given time. Therefore, the potential amount of customers can be up to thousands if the marketing is right.

There has been no alternative for hashtags and no other sign is ripe for the public to use. Furthermore, it already is in an Internet user’s psyche. That makes it very hard to replace and a prime tool market in a deeper, more suggestive sense.