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Stress, Stress Go Away: Methods to Get Rid of Stress

by Admin - on Jan 18th 2018 - Comments Off on Stress, Stress Go Away: Methods to Get Rid of Stress

a happy seniorEveryone experiences stress at work or home. This is a natural reaction of your body to the numerous experiences we have at the office and home. Some people endure this stress and soon enough suffer from various ailments as a result.

There are many strategies for people to relax and eliminate the stress away from work. The following are ways to de-stress.

Purchase a waterfront home

Some studies say that proximity to water helps the mind and body relax. You can breathe in fresh air and the sea breeze. Getting away from the chaos of the city creates in people a state of calm and peace. There are several waterfront homes for sale in areas like Rockport, Fulton that could offer you the right atmosphere.

Go for 10-minute walks

Walking in a forest or park puts you in a meditative state. Also, any activity or exercise boosts circulation and encourages your body to produce endorphins.

Listen to your favorite music

There is no easier way to relieve stress than listening to music. Some choose classical music due to its soothing effect. It slows down your heart rate and lessens the production of stress hormones. Music makes people expect pleasure, even if they are undergoing something difficult. In a study by the University of Finland and the
University of Denmark, the researchers observed that the participants improved their mood after listening to music.

Keep away from your mobile phone and gadgets

Disconnect from mobile technology and social media. Studies have shown that the more time people spend on Facebook, the more stress they experience. Though social media gives you the chance to connect, it also encourages feelings of social isolation, according to some studies.

Relief from stress is an important step to maintaining your health. It gives you more energy and motivates you to accomplish your goals.

Pampering Thy Self: Stress Reliever Activities for You

by Admin - on Feb 24th 2016 - Comments Off on Pampering Thy Self: Stress Reliever Activities for You

Spa TreatmentIf you’re feeling tired and weary because you’ve been working non-stop for the whole week, then maybe it’s time you pause and indulge yourself to some relaxing treats that will make your body, soul, and mind feel good.

Here are some activities that you should definitely try over the weekend: 

Have a Spa Day

Visiting a spa salon once in a while can certainly take away all your stress and worries behind. Clearly, nothing can top off a full body spa treatment which will surely give you the relaxation you exactly need. Though this treatment might be quite expensive depending on what service you choose, you’ll realise that it’s all worth it.

Dolly Up Your Nails

Lighten up your mood instantly by paying some attention to your nails, industry professional Gloss & Co. suggests. This might sound cliché to other people, but painting your nails with delightful and vibrant colours can certainly make you feel pretty instantly. Here’s a tip, instead of going to salon spending some dollars on a mani-pedi service why not try doing it yourself. By doing so, you’ll even have the freedom to choose the colours and designs you want, as well as enjoy promos, like free five nail polish, if ever you opt to do it yourself.

Take a Nap

Getting the right amount of rest your body needs is definitely the best way to re-energise yourself. In fact, based on the recent study of National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute (NHLBI), people who have enough sleep tend to have a happier and positive view towards life. So, whenever possible be sure to take enough sleep at least good six to eight hours uninterrupted rest will do.

Plan a Weekend Getaway

Going places and experiencing different surroundings will certainly give you a breather from your hectic and busy city life. So, if ever you have a chance, be sure to plan a day or two vacation trip that will make your feel what freedom really means.

Pampering yourself doesn’t necessarily mean you need to pay something just to experience something new. In fact, it is more on trying out something new that is totally out of your daily routine – it could be having a new hobby like cooking, doing some arts, or playing some sports just for fun.