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Mind and Manpower: The Most In-Demand Industries in Science Right Now

by Admin - on May 23rd 2018 - Comments Off on Mind and Manpower: The Most In-Demand Industries in Science Right Now

Scientist Using MicroscopeMany experts today are constantly finding new ways to treat cancer, as well as analyzing data about birth control and poverty. The industries related to these scientific tasks and fields are likewise continuously looking for new talent, which is where executive search firms like slonepartners.com can help. Knowing this, you probably wonder what are the most in-demand industries for science right now.

Life sciences

This branch of science pertains to the study of living things, such as plants, animals, human beings, and microorganisms. A biologist is one such member of the life science industry. The life sciences are useful in solving issues in health, food, agriculture, or medicine.


Obviously, medicine would always be an in-demand scientific industry as long as sickness exists. The industry needs medical staff that would help doctors and nurses by conducting research on what causes a disease in a person and the like.

Data and analytics

Data science is also a steadily growing industry right now, thanks to technological developments like the Internet or social media. Many new data can be gathered from these, especially since many people are online. Data analysts can help support studies with numbers and facts obtained from their research.

Laboratory and Testing

Laboratory and testing are integral to science because they give answers to doctors, patients, or researchers. Being a laboratory scientist requires skill in using various tools, as well as good judgment in interpreting the results of a test. Such qualities are what the industry looks for in applicants.

Science industries are always looking for manpower to do laboratory work, data analysis, or biological research. As science requires accurate results with little space for error, the manpower should be skilled enough to do the work.  With the help of search executive search firms, science industries only get the best there is.

A Technology Businesses Need for Higher Conversion Rates

by Admin - on Sep 4th 2015 - Comments Off on A Technology Businesses Need for Higher Conversion Rates

BusinessesHow well is your business performing? Business performance is not only about customer satisfaction and retention. It also depends on how you convert “visitors” into paying clients.

One way to better analyze this integral aspect of your business is to use people counter systems, such as the convenient and easy-to-operate wireless people counters.

How this Technology Plays a Considerable Role in Driving Sales

People counters are monitoring systems that provide a more accurate insight on your business’ conversion rates. It clears up many things in terms of how well your store is performing. While Point of Sales (POS) and Customer Relationship Management (CRM) technologies help you understand your customers, these systems are limited to those who are already part of your business.

You also need to know what is happening with the rest of those who are not contributing to your profits. Using people counters is the first step to gaining this knowledge.

Making Use of this Technology to Improve Your Conversion Rates

People counters deliver a range of benefits to your business, especially in the areas contributing to visitor experience, sales, staffing expenses, and legal restriction compliance. With this technology, you can accurately calculate visitor rates into conversion rates, and use the data to improve both aspects. This allows you to take queue-reducing steps that will minimize customer dissatisfaction and frustration.

Using this technology, you can gauge just how effective your advertising and marketing campaigns are. You will learn just how many people are turning to your business because of these strategies.

The data you can get from these people counters can help you identify the areas of your business that needs improvement. This opens opportunities to take the necessary actions and develop more effective business practices. Success from this can help you gain higher conversion rates, which mean more profits for your business.