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How to Make your eCommerce Website More Usable and User-Friendly

by Admin - on Oct 7th 2016 - Comments Off on How to Make your eCommerce Website More Usable and User-Friendly

A user-friendly websiteThe world of eCommerce is tremendously competitive since your competition is only a click away. If visitors don’t like your website, they’ll just look for another site. You have to make certain that your site is as user-friendly and usable as possible if you want to attract more customers and attention to your brand — the following tips will help you do just that.

Purchasing Without Having to Register First

Consider enable guest visitors to checkout items without having to register. You should then follow up if they wish to sign-up so that their next purchase will be easier. Studies state that this strategy could increase sales, decrease cart abandonment rates, and enhance customer satisfaction and retention.

Straightforward Sign-Up and Call-to-Action Buttons

No one really likes to answer long sign-up forms just to he or she could register to your website. All you really need are essential information like a username, password, and email address. The rest you could get later on. That said, make sure to feature call-to-action buttons in strategic locations in your site to aid in increasing conversions and enhance usability of your website.

A Safe and Secure Shopping Cart

Your customers must feel confident purchasing your products through your website. This means that you have to assure them that your website is secure enough to protect their privacy. A web design specialist in Utah suggests that you obtain an updated SSL certification and a trust certificate such as VeriSign or Hack Safe to make to build up trust with your customers.

Easy Searching

An easy-to-use search function (bonus points for a category refinement feature) aids customers in finding exactly what they’re searching, ensuring a more satisfying shopping experience. This holds especially true for eCommerce websites that offer a broad range of products.

Breadcrumb Navigation

Customers love to know exactly where they are in the buying process—the steps they’ve done and how many steps until they’ve successfully bought the item, otherwise, you risk cart abandonment. In addition, utilizing breadcrumb navigation will aid shoppers go back a step if they need to see something again or edit something instead of starting over.

Keep in mind that usability equates to an easier and quicker buying process. And in the grand scheme of things, it won’t matter if you sell the best products or if your prices are competitive if your eCommerce website is confusing and not user-friendly.

Key Business Points to Remember When Paving the Road to Success

by Admin - on Feb 17th 2016 - Comments Off on Key Business Points to Remember When Paving the Road to Success

 PresentationStarting a business is never easy. There’s more to product development and world class services to keep you in the game. Business success is all about learning new things and being consistent with your strategies. Learn some of the ways to run a successful business.

Play the hype

Don’t focus on the goods or services you want or think may sell. Dig deeper to what people really want. Yes, there are risks and you can’t always play safe in the business world, but being careless is not an excuse when making such investments. One mistake people usually overlook is the importance of knowing your market. This is crucial when starting a business. Make an extensive research, and use different tools like surveys to get people’s feedback about your goods and services.

Broaden your knowledge

To survive the business world, you need to keep learning. Devoted-business.com says that business coaching seminars in Minneapolis and other parts of Minnesota are available for all industries. Attending to such can help you uncover the “hidden gems” in running a business, such as securing your assets, improving your products, and implementing your marketing strategy. This is also a great opportunity to meet prospect clients and business partners.

Find the right people

And finally, you need to find the right people to work with you. Empower your workforce and keep them motivated. Remember, your team will be the part of your success.

Keep the cash flow

Keeping the cash flow is one of the most challenging tasks for any start-up company. Establish a strategic plan on how to work out the cash flow. One way to do this is to require cash deposits or “collateral” on work up-front before you start the actual project. This is applicable for retail businesses, as well. Ask for initial payment to secure their order.

Keep these things in mind and you can have a strong start for your new venture regardless of the industry.