Using Videos to make Marketing EasierVision trumps all other senses, said John Medina, the author of the bestselling book titled Brain Rules. Medina explained that merely hearing information leads to only 10 percent memory retention. But when there are relevant images paired with the same information, people were likely to recall 65 percent of the content. As such, it’s no wonder many marketers use photos — and especially videos — to increase brand awareness and customer engagement.

At trade shows, for instance, a video is a powerful medium to stand out among other exhibitors. Videos help marketers capture attendees’ attention and connect with them in a compelling, memorable way.

If you want to follow Medina’s brain rule and use videos at your next trade show, here are a few tips:

Before the Trade Show: Create Hype with Teaser Videos

Sending trade show guests a pre-show video serves as a marketing touchpoint which gets them ready to “meet” your brand and start a conversation about your company, product, or service. Let them have a sneak peek at what you’ll offer during the show — be it a new product or a chance to get exclusive discounts.

At the Trade Show: Play Videos to Attract Attendees

On the day of the event, there will likely be attendees who didn’t get a chance to watch your pre-show videos. Draw their attention to your booth by playing a video that’s both captivating and informative. Your trade show video is a pitch. It should show the audience why they should step inside your booth — and care about your business.

It is best you hire professionals to make sure you have a video that translates your brand messaging and connects with the audience, according to

After the Trade Show: Do a Follow-Up Through Video

Make your trade show investment worthwhile by doing a follow-up through video. After watching so many presentations at the show, attendees may need a refresher to remember your brand. You want that 65 percent information retention through visual images to hit 100 percent.

A candy bowl or a pile of brochures at the trade show might not be enough to convert an attendee into a client. It is important you connect with guests before, during, and after the event with compelling, memorable content — and engaging the sense of vision through videos is a good way to achieve that.