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The Psychology Of Web Design

by Admin - on Oct 12th 2016 - Comments Off on The Psychology Of Web Design

Web Design Team in MelbourneIt’s been said that web design is both an art and science. Its artsy aspect refers to organisations projecting a mostly visual representation of their brands online. Combining various aesthetic concepts turn good-looking websites into artworks in their own right. The scientific part, on the other hand, involves the link between web design services and psychology. It means that webpage creators must know how their users think and prefer certain things related to their experience.

Building Trust

Web users know which websites are worth their time and which ones aren’t. They won’t linger on a seemingly bogus page when they see it. Organisations should make their websites convey trust to visitors. Familiar tricks can make this work, like ensuring that on-page content is well-written and putting conventional design elements like the logo, contact details, and menu in the right places.

The aforementioned elements must be added proactively. If they’re prominent enough, they’ll immediately convey the purpose of each page within the website. This is the easiest way to gain web users’ trust. People want to know how things work, and what they’ll get out of something if they interact with it.

Colours Make Life Lovelier

It’s a fact that colours influence human thoughts, attitudes, and emotions in varying ways. Just think of how red conveys a sense of romanticism, or how blue/green makes you feel calm and composed. The same concept plays a huge role in web design.

When creating a website, colour has something to do with the brand firsthand. For instance, a company like Coca-Cola can’t use any other colours besides red and white. Such hues, after all, have defined their brand for decades. Designers also have to work according to users’ preferences. Women, for example, don’t like grey, orange, and brown. Blue, green, and purple is what they want. Men share the same affinity for blue and green but have a more profound preference for dark colours such as black.

Lots of other things factor into web design psychology, but the two above should be any creator’s main focus. Web design is all about working with users and not against them, while also giving them a good helping of modern art. 

Web Design Trends that will Rule in 2017

by Admin - on Aug 27th 2016 - Comments Off on Web Design Trends that will Rule in 2017

Web Design Trends The internet is an arena of intense competition where the prize is web traffic. With millions of websites competing for an audience, getting on top is a challenge. It’s important, therefore, to step ahead of the competition by keeping your web design updated with the latest trends and by studying future trends.

Here are the web design predictions for 2017:

Age-Responsive Design

Today’s trend is the responsive web design, which adjusts the content of the website depending on the screen of the device. In the future, web surfers will see a design that adapts the content of the website to the age of the user. Experts are seeing that the contraction and expansion of navigation menus will be based on the user’s competency level. For instance, beginners will have stripped-down interfaces, while the elderly group will enjoy bigger and clearer fonts.

Haptic Feedback

In Haptic feedback, the sense of touch is given importance in a user interface. The users will be able to handle apps through haptic such as a pattern of subtle pulses leading users to a certain button or giving them a comforting texture on the page being viewed to prevent them from leaving the site.

Emphasis on Originality

Viper Online Marketing, a digital agency in Perth, predicts that there will be a focus on originality, as consumers will continue to seek authenticity from the brands. There will be a decline in the use of stock imagery. Bespoke visuals will rise in popularity as they can help brands strike a connection with the consumers.

To stay competitive in the web design arena, you must be versatile and welcome the changes. You should not just focus on what’s popular today. Look ahead and get ready to dominate the web. Remember, you don’t have to do it alone, there are web design experts who can help you succeed.