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Make Your Honeymoon Memorable

by Admin - on Nov 20th 2017 - Comments Off on Make Your Honeymoon Memorable

A couple on a honeymoonAfter completing your wedding vows, it’s now time for that much-awaited phase at the start of your married life: the honeymoon. You may have already planned to go somewhere, but the more exciting part is that which takes place in between. Here are some ways to make your honeymoon one-of-a-kind.

Spice up a trip

Going to a place you and your partner have yet to experience is an exciting idea. But there’s more to this than just renting a place where you can relax. Add spice to your trip by exploring and discovering what you can about the place you visit. If you’re honeymooning in Australia, try something exciting like visiting the best wineries in Margaret River and sample their fruit wines and other local produce. When the day is over, watch the sunset together before heading home.

Make surprises

You don’t have to close a secluded area to organise a candle-lit dinner. Though that would be nice, you can still surprise your loved one with little things such as a petal trail to a hot bath. Don’t be afraid to be extra sweet, because your honeymoon is the right time to bring out your romantic self.

Take a social media break

Turn off your mobile phones and log off from social media networks to devote your entire time to each other. Though you can get lots of love from Instagram or Facebook stories, save it for another day and pretend that you and your partner are the only people in this world.

Take it easy

You may feel nervous especially if things don’t go as planned, but don’t think about it too much. The best tip is to enjoy the moment. If something doesn’t work out, then it doesn’t. You and your partner are still together and celebrating a momentous occasion. Don’t let negativity get in the way of enjoying your honeymoon!

Wedding Reception Concerns: Who Sits with Whom?

by Admin - on Jan 26th 2016 - Comments Off on Wedding Reception Concerns: Who Sits with Whom?

Wedding Reception in SingaporeAfter the wedding ceremony, there is always a feast in your honour. The reception is a staple for every wedding and seating your guests is one of the final tasks on your to-do list. Initially, playing musical chairs seems tough, but proper planning gets you through.

If you plan on having 50 guests at a buffet, specific seating arrangements are not necessary. But if you are serving seated meals, think otherwise.

Some of your guests would like to know their arrangements. Lagun-sari.com.sg, a local wedding caterer, believes that where they sit can make or break their feel of the entire reception. If you sit your guests with the wrong crowd, you might face some awkwardness along the way.

Start Planning Early

Do not be one of those couples who decide the arrangement the night before the wedding. If you have a lot of guests, arranging them neatly in a short span of time is impossible. While you do have a number of priorities, you should never forget about arranging your guests and where they sit.

Create a spreadsheet at least a month before the wedding. This gives you the chance to rearrange in case of last minute cancellations.

Tame Down Potential Tensions

The last thing you want for your wedding is tension. If you sit two guests who do not get along, you might get a dose of this unpleasantness.

Rather than deal with such negativity on the big day, think about these sorts of relationships while making your chart. Take into consideration the possible rifts in the family, or some friends with a feud. To prevent any tension, place them as far apart as you can.

Mix and Match for Fun

It is only normal to want your high school or college friends to sit in one table. You give them the opportunity to catch up with each other, especially if they have not seen one another for years. But then again, receptions offer chances to mix and match your friends — and hope for some of them to hit off. After all, you might end up as one of their guests in their receptions.

Pay attention to seating arrangements. If you want a peaceful and fun reception, sit the people with the right guests and enjoy the night’s festivities without worrying.