Pest Control in USATermites may seem heartless, but they are only going about their business, which is feeding on wood. Unfortunately, that wood may be your sofa or bookshelf. Termites also feed on living trees until they are hollow inside. One or two of those trees just happened to be situated in your backyard.

Every year, in the United States alone, termites cause billions of dollars in damages. Who knows how many homeowners suffer through the agony of witnessing their lifetime investment crumble in front of their very eyes?

Professional services and DIY termite control

Only professionals who know about the likely points of entry for termites, and who utilize specialized equipment and treatment methods,have a good chance of ridding your home of the pests. While the application of termiticide solution seems very doable, as described on DIY videos posted on YouTube, you must be aware of the hazards associated with the application of the chemicals. You should realize amateurs should not attempt to dump gallons of potentially harmful chemicals around the perimeter of the house.

Of the many methods of termite control available, which are the most effective ones?

Most promising solutions to be rid of destructive termite colonies

Using baiting systems is a more targeted approach. It is based on the premise that the termites themselves will bring the toxic substances to the colony and destroy the insect population from within. When pieces of wood placed in the perimeter show signs of termite activity, the baits are placed in the ground and monitoring ensues. Some termite control services, like, have baiting practices that offer total elimination of termite colonies.

The service providers may also utilize extreme heat—up to 160 degrees Fahrenheit—to destroy a termite colony. The entire house or a section of it is isolated and the area receives hot air from a pump. The sauna-like environment is destructive to these insects.

If you are dealing with destructive termites, control services will conduct an assessment of the problem. Afterwards, they will offer potential solutions. What you can do is familiarize yourself with some of the methods they will present as options.