Pineapple on Pizza in JanesvilleOnto more pressing matters, should pineapples ever go on pizza? You may have met several people who are very vocal about their preferences in their pizza. You could either be only two types of persons. Either you love the taste of having pineapple as toppings or vehemently dislike it. It may even have sparked a debate online and turn into heated arguments between longtime friends. Why does this topic bring out so much passion out of food lovers?

You might go out one night with your friends to a pizza restaurant in Janesville, Minnesota. When it comes to choosing the flavor, someone suddenly recommends Hawaiian. Out of the corner of your eye, someone shoots back a disgusted look and starts the debate. This may be the point you start questioning why a simple topping can have polarizing opinions.

The History of Hawaiian Pizza

Understanding the history of this type of pizza can help you set the record straight once and for all. Hawaiian pizza, despite its name, did not originate from Hawaii. It was rather an invention by a Greek-Canadian man named Sam Panopoulos back in 1962. When he moved to Toronto, he started a restaurant based on the pie he had in Naples, known as the birthplace of pizza. He did not have any idea about the history of pizza so he simply made up a recipe from what he knew about the pie. Using a canned pineapples, he made an experiment on what toppings work best and liked it so much that he began advertising it. It immediately caught on and today, that is what’s causing all the ruckus.

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While the main reason why this topping angers people so much is subjective tastes, it can be great knowing its history. Only then can you really have a discussion among your peers whether having pineapples as toppings is acceptable or not.