Woman Writing a Letter to a FriendLife as an introvert is filled with questions which are usually asked by those who are not introverts themselves. If you are in the awkward situation of losing touch with friends and loved ones but want to reach out, then it is time to give your communication skills an upgrade. After all, even introverts need productive relationships.

Do It Indoors – Getting in the same space with a large crowd is one of the most intimidating feats for someone who loves their personal space. If you struggle with doing things with your friends in public, there is always a way to do it amongst yourselves. Share a movie, play some tabletop, or read books together. Introversion is spending time doing activities you like with the right people. In this case, quantity takes a backseat to quality.

Write It Down – Private messaging, emails and phone/video calls are intimidating and even awkward for people like you, so why not go back to writing letters? Much like your own personality, handwritten mail takes time to take shape. There is editing, choosing the right words before putting them down, sending it to the right parcel delivery service, then waiting for it to be received. Who knows? Your friends in Europe might make a habit of responding the same way too.

Measure Yourself – When you are partying, it is not cool to tell people to stop having fun because you cannot handle it anymore. It is also not cool if your friends cannot respect you enough to give you your space when you need it. If you are invited to a house party or to any kind of celebration where there's a huge crowd, it is your right to say when you need to go out for a smoke or just to get some fresh air. Friends will understand if they truly are tight.

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Being in a friendship means there are habits you as an introvert must cultivate in order to create a stronger connection. It is not just your extroverted friends who should be learning to change or modify their ways to better deal with yours. After all, friendship is always a give-and-take relationship.