Australia’s trapped in a bubble — a bubble tea craze, that is.

Bubble Tea Craze2013 saw the Land Down Under experiencing a significant growth in the number of bubble tea stores. From the central business district to the quiet suburbs, more stores are opening up in major cities across the country. These stores are no strangers to long queues and customers happily sipping on cups of milk tea with boba.

So, what is the fuss about?

The Boba Rave

Bubble tea, otherwise known as boba, is a Taiwanese drink that has taken the world by storm. Originally appealing mostly to Asian customers, more Western countries are also falling in love with this sweet beverage. Its signature look is an extra thick straw with black tapioca bubbles at the bottom of the cup.

Chatime, a local tea place, says milk tea is also growing in popularity because of its build-your-own-drink gimmick. The choices are endless: the flavour, hot or cold, or if you want tapioca or not. Depending on your choice, your bubble tea can either be sweet and milky or fruity.

A Quick Fix

Unlike popular coffee drinks, bubble tea is easier to make. Despite the lack of whipped cream and other ingredients, bubble tea makers create delicious drinks by adding milk and/or tea with flavoured powder in a blender.

Aussies are big fans of a quick fix drinks whenever the thirst kicks in. Fast hawker fares are winning products for customers from dusk to dawn.

Comfortable Hangouts

The growing number of milk tea places in Australia does more than offer wonderful treats. If you’re looking for a nice place just to hang out with your friends, visit your nearest milk tea place.

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Will Australia ever get tired of drinking milk tea? Judging from the empty cups and the long queues, it doesn’t seem like it.