Conversion Rate OptimizationWhen it comes to conversion rate optimization (CRO), the ultimate goal is obvious: make more sales and leads.

To determine the efforts of your current CRO techniques, metrics are important. But which metric is the best way to approximate the success of your strategies? Your choices range from bounce rates to cost per conversion.

But one metric stands above the rest.

You might be thinking about conversion rates. After all, it makes sense; even the name implies it’s all about conversion rates. But it’s not.

Brush off conversion rates and pay more attention to click-through rates (CTR) instead.

Higher CTR = Higher Conversion Rates

According to PPC advertising experts, there is a clear connection between CTRs and conversion rates. The higher your click-through rate, the better conversion rates you may have. How does this work? It’s all about offering people something that makes them eager to click, which results in a purchase.

It doesn’t matter how you drive those clicks. Paid search ads, social media, remarketing, and videos can do the job for you. This emphasizes the importance of your CTR; if you can improve it by 2X, expect a 50% boost in your conversion rates.

Bias on Conversion Rates

In terms of conversion rates, bias is always a big issue. All conversion rates will tell you is the percentage of users who expressed interest in your products. That’s it.

For example, a potential customer receives an offer from your company through email. These users already know your brand due to research or from past visitations. They received an email because they signed-up to receive notifications. This is more biased; the users chose to open emails and click through your site.

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Conversion rates reveal that your customers have been biased from the start.

Quality and quantity of conversions matter more. But which key input metrics should you be paying attention to?

While conversion rates are important, click-through rates should be your number one CRO metric. Apart from being proportional to conversion rates, it also offers an honest opinion on how people accept your products.