School in DubaiLearning French is learning the language of love and poets. As one of the most spoken languages in the world, it’s definitely going to be handy in the future.

According to Swiss International Scientific School in Dubai, one of the leading primary schools in Dubai, knowing the French language has become an advantageous skill. By learning this influential language, a student can become more globally adept.

Below are the modern advantages of learning this foreign language:

You Can Effectively Communicate in 5 Continents

French isn’t just exclusive in France. With almost a quarter of a billion people speaking it, your chances of meeting a native speaker are very high. Countries that speak French include Switzerland, Belgium, Canada, and Africa. In fact, there are 57 countries with French as their official language.

You Become Better at English While Learning French

Since the English language is 30% French, you can improve your vocabulary by studying both. While these languages don’t share the same origin, they still share the same words. Apparently, during the long history trade of Britain and France, they also exchanged some words.

You Can Understand Artworks Better

Most art expressions are dominantly French. So, the next time you go to the ballet, the opera, or any art gathering, you can talk the talk better. You’ll be familiar with some words like ‘enjambé,’ ‘modéré,’ and ‘en cédant.’

You Also Become a Peaceful Talker

The original language of peace is actually French. It’s the first official language of diplomatic talks between countries. After the First World War, everything changed, but French remains a prestigious language of peace.

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Your Culinary Know-how Becomes Better, Too

Apart from art, most of the cooking terms are French. Dishes like ‘brie’ or ‘coq au vin’ are among the many French-termed foods, along with practices such as ‘julienne’ (to cut in strips), ‘consommé’ (clear soup), and ‘mayonnaise’ (emulsion of oil, egg yolk, and vinegar).

Learning French is a necessity. It allows an individual to interact better in business and understand more about other cultures and their way of life.