Master DistributorYou may have an awesome product. But, your business is not going to prosper if you have no way of distributing that product to the world. For many start-ups looking to expand their influence, one viable option is to partner up with a master distributor.

A master distributor may be an exclusive or non-exclusive partner that provides pretty much all of the business solutions you need to get your product out there, including finding retailers, managing customer relationships, and handling sales and marketing.

For some, a master distributor is not the perfect solution – nothing ever is. But your budding business can benefit from such a partnership in a variety of ways, says SalesMENA.

Here’s why:

1. One-stop shop for all your needs

This is the most obvious gain you get. No longer will you need to look for separate teams to outsource your sales solutions to because a master distributor can provide it all in one place.

2. Wider reach

If you’re planning to open up to new markets, you don’t have to scramble to build a customer base because you already have one. For instance, a master distributor in Dubai can help you expand to Middle Eastern territories without you having to start from scratch.

3. Regional expertise

A master distributor is an expert at catering to its specific audience. They understand very well what makes them tick, and so they can easily promote your products to them in the most effective way possible.

4. Improved logistics

Taking the Dubai example, you don’t have to go fly out to the Persian Gulf to build a warehouse and retail stores there. Your master distributor can provide the physical amenities to support your business operations there.

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5. Customer service

A master distributor takes responsibility for providing pre-sales and after-sales support to customers. This means you don’t have to invest in building your own call center or looking for a separate customer service firm to handle your needs.

Having a master distributor that is confident in all these fields is a good way to have your product make its way to the market, without you having to spend valuable resources struggling to find multiple B2B vendors for your business.