Rent an Apartment in ChicagoNot everyone gets a chance to enter college. Also, not everyone who got in it gets a chance to enjoy it either. Give your son or daughter a happy first year of college by offering them “gifts” that go beyond the physical.

Here are some ideas:

Food – College students can get so trapped in their course lectures and exams they forget to eat. Or, if they do, they just eat whatever is available, forgetting health and the enjoyment of eating. When you visit them, treat them to a restaurant or buy them groceries and help them cook. That way, you are both assured that their mental capacity is not sacrificed due to lack of nutrients. And don’t forget to remind them to eat whatever you leave in the fridge.

Independence – Having a chance to rent an apartment in Chicago is just a dream for some college students, says Realty & Mortgage. So why not help your kids set themselves up by looking for a residence close to their school and possibly their place of work. It would mean so much for them to walk to their school, work, marketplace and supermarket since it will cut down their expenses. Make sure you find an affordable place or pay for their first year’s lease or until they can manage their funds to pay their way.

Exposure – No, it’s not the kind that clients “pay” artists. Exposure here means the chance to learn apart from their college education. Enroll them in online courses they like. Look for and process a possible college scholarship application. Pay for their tickets for conventions, seminars and workshops. Find ways for them to broaden their extracurricular learning and be ready to shell out a bit for their out-of-campus education.

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These are simple but compelling gifts that can lift up a student’s spirits and can reduce their stress and pressure. True, as parents this is going the extra mile. But thoughtful and practical gifts can inspire your teen to work for their degree and keep going, no matter how difficult things can get. So consider these investments as well-spent especially if your college student is very appreciative of your efforts.