Business Local Listing in MelbourneDid Google recently suspend your local business listing, but you’re unsure why? If you’re wondering what you did wrong, below are some ideas.

  • Your website field has a visible forwarding URL. This is a no-no. According to Google’s guidelines, you must refer or redirect URLs and contact numbers your business actual location.
  • You have too many keywords in the field for business name. Google typically orders a soft suspension if you add excessive information/keywords such as store codes, taglines, special characters, and the like.
  • You utilised a non-verified location in your listing. Essentially, all your listing must be verified, otherwise, unverified listings that are displayed on Google Maps would be taken down, along with its reviews and images.
  • You have multiple verified listings for only one business. Put simply, one business should only have one listing.
  • Google Plus doesn’t allow your business type or consider its sensitive. According to the guidelines of Google Plus, all businesses dealing in regulated services or products including drugs, alcohol, tobacco, gambling, medical devices, firecrackers, and weapons must set an age and geographic restriction for their content.
  • You have a virtual mailbox or office address for your business listing. It’s extremely unethical and in bad taste to have a listing page for a virtual office or mailbox unless it’s also staffed during your service hours, explains a local SEO specialist in Melbourne. He adds that in the event that someone reports you to Google or Google catches you, it will automatically remove your listing.
  • You really didn’t do anything wrong, but the industry you’re in is a natural magnet for spam. There have been instances wherein Google’s spam filters unintentionally suspend and remove a listing. Post your problem on Google’s My Business forum in order that a Top Contributor will see your case and take it to the relevant people.
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There might be other reasons why Google might suspend your local listing, but keep these in mind since these are the most cited causes for suspension. That said, brush up on the guidelines imposed by Google My Business to being suspended again in the future.