Excavator Working on a Construction SiteExcavation and grading experts like Specialty Grading from Dewey, Arizona agree that among the first steps that must be taken before any major construction project is effective excavation. Good excavation provides a sturdy and level structure, as it is the foundation on which everything is built. A well-made excavation enables a concrete foundation to safely support a building that’s hundreds of thousands of pounds.

There are many types of excavation methods, with each type being classified by the material being excavated or the particular purpose of the excavation. In this post, we discuss the different types of excavation according to the material being excavated.

Topsoil Excavation

Topsoil Excavation involves removing the top layer or the exposed layer of the Earth’s surface including vegetation. The topsoil is usually stockpiled to use for landscaping. It can also be used to control erosion since it supports the growth of vegetation.

Earth Excavation

Earth Excavations require the removal of the soil that is below the topsoil layer. This type of excavation allows for the construction of foundational structures, such as drainage ditches and the actual foundations in a construction project.

Muck Excavation

This type of excavation is used to remove undesirable muck, an excessive combination of water and soil, in a construction site. It is also done to make a construction area clear and passable. The muck is either moved to another area or spread out to dry.

Rock Excavation

Rock excavation is used to clear rocky surfaces that hinder construction. This method of excavation is more challenging than other methods since it requires special equipment to remove the rock or to clear a tough surface.

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Unclassified Excavation

Materials which are difficult to distinguish fall under the Unclassified Excavation category. It is the removal of any combination of topsoil, earth, muck or rock.

These are just some of the many excavation methods that can be used to properly complete a construction job. Depending on the materials used and the purpose, multiple types of excavation may be involved. Make sure to hire only licensed excavating companies for your construction project to prevent hefty fines and injuries.