Freight forwarder smilingShipping is an essential part of today’s business world with the advent of internet marketing. The business world now also provides extra services in a bid to woo clients and shipping products to them provides an avenue for this for your company.

Handling the shipping of your products can, however, be a headache with an in-house shipping department. This vital service is best left to companies handling freight forwarding services in Manila.

Apart from the actual transportation of your products, there are various services the experts will handle for you. Here are some of these services.


Packaging your goods for export might prove quite challenging. This is more so for products which need delicate handling and bulky ones.

Freight forwarding companies will package your products efficiently depending on the product, weather, and any state legislation. The experts might also recommend various ways to make your packages lighter and reduce shipping costs.


There are various requirements needed for efficient shipping labels. An appropriate label should show the shipment’s destination and origin, weight, port of entry specifics and its precise weight.

It should also contain any particular handling requirements. Though these might be hard for you, a freight forwarding company can efficiently handle this vital task.


The documents needed for shipping require expert knowledge in compiling and handling. Commercial invoices, bills of lading, inspection certificate, shipper’s export declaration, export licenses and export packing lists are some of the documents required.

Freight forwarders are best placed to handle the appropriate documents needed and any legislation you should comply with.

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There is no use to stress yourself and spend so much time and money handling the above shipping tasks. You can leave them to a freight forwarding service and use the time and money to manage other aspects of your business. The peace of mind and profits you stand to make with this decision will be worth every dollar you spend.