Bedbug warningAdequate sleep is vital for a healthy body and mind. There are times, however, when bed bugs not only disrupt your sleep but also leave you with ugly red welts that can develop into septic wounds. Unfortunately, bed bugs are a worldwide problem and among the hardest pests to get rid of.
Thankfully, bed bug heat treatment and extermination methods are now available. Unlike the pesticides used in the past, heat treatment is 99% efficient in killing bed bugs in all stages and is non-toxic to human and plant life. Here are the various systems used for bed bug heat treatment:

Propane-Based Systems

These systems comprise propane burnt in trucks parked outside properties and delivered indoors through flexible ducts. It is the oldest heat treatment system used and it allows thorough distribution and penetration of heated air. However, propane-based systems might lead to heat loss as air moves along the ducts. It might also damage some articles in the treatment area.

Electric-Based Systems

These systems come equipped with high-voltage power lines that deliver current into the treatment area. Compared to propane-based systems, electric-based systems take time to heat the air in the treatment area. Their heat, however, recycles itself as the temperature rises. Diligence is essential when handling electric-based systems to minimize the risk of fire and electrocution.

HTF (Heat Transfer Fluid) Systems

This is one of the latest bed bug heat treatment methods. HTF systems operate like radiators. Fluid is heated on high-power burners then pumped into heat transfer units placed in your building. This hot fluid passes through your heat exchanger and is circulated into the treatment area. HTF systems are eco-friendly and they are not prone to catching fire.

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Monitoring is a vital part of all the above heat treatment systems. This is done using sensors and probes, which track the progress of heating and ascertain proper heat penetration. This ensures your bed bug heat treatment is a complete success.