LOTR Location in WellingtonAcademy Award winning director, Peter Jackson was born in Wellington and raised in Pukerua Bay. He chose to film all six LOTR and Hobbit movies entirely in his native country. Jackson was highly successful in creating a real-world Middle-Earth based on Tolkien’s imaginings by combining the stunning natural beauty of New Zealand with revolutionary special effects.

For someone who loves both the books and Peter Jackson’s films, booking a Lord of the Rings Tour in Wellington from Capital Personalised Tours Ltd is top priority.

Building a Middle-Earth in New Zealand


Filming the LOTR trilogy (2001-2003) in various locations in New Zealand took two years. These locations, along with the additional venues for The Hobbit trilogy (2012-2014) are open to the public. The Hobbit and LOTR tours are some of the most popular tourist activities in the country. Visitors from different parts of the world immerse in the sets created by Jackson and his crew of production designers, artisans, painters, and prop builders. More than 350 sets were built, some of which are within conservation areas.  About 150 locations were used in filming. Some of the main stops of the tour are Auckland, Canterbury, Wellington, Southern Lakes, and Queenstown.


The tour experience of a lifetime

For a fan of the books and the films, being on the actual sets used by Peter Jackson is a dream fulfilled. Being in the rolling hills of Matamata and standing in front of Bag End in Hobbiton would take any fan’s breath away. Even if you just opt to see the film locations in Wellington, you would have plenty of photos to post on your Facebook page and Instagram. Your fellow LOTR enthusiasts will drool with envy seeing photos of you in Rivendell, the Gardens of Isengard, and the Paths of the Dead.

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If you book a tour to see these locations, an expert guide will enrich the experience further with interesting trivia and anecdotes. It is very likely your guide was also an extra in the movies. Are you a Lord of the Rings fan? All you need to do now is book a tour online!