Friends TravellingFriendship is like a flower. It will bloom if you take good care of it. But if you forget to water it, it will wither. There is no better way to keep the friendship growing than to spend time with your pals and engage in fun activities.

Fun activities, however, do not always mean going to the bar or being part of chaotic parties and mosh pits. It can be a simple gathering where you can talk about your interests, laugh at each other, and reminisce about the past.

Here are some simple ways you and your friends can have fun.

Eat Breakfast or Brunch Together

Dinners and wine nights are sometimes overrated. If it’s possible for you and your friends to sync everyone’s morning schedules, why not meet for breakfast for a change? You can do it over the weekend. One of you may host the breakfast where everyone can bring a dish.

Watch a Concert or a Sports Event

Think movie marathons and binge watching series are clichéd? Do the real thing! If there’s an upcoming concert or sporting event near you, invite your friends to see it. Getting passes should not be a problem since there are many ticket distributors in East Collingwood.

Enrol for a Short Course

If you and your friends share the same hobbies and interests, you can improve your skills together. You do not have to enrol at an expensive school. Just make sure that it is close to home, and the schedules are flexible.


Who says you cannot have fun while doing volunteering work? Tag along your friends and offer to do some work for the local charity. You may volunteer to take care of the kids at the orphanage or host a party for the elderly. You may even meet new friends along the way.

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Having fun is the key to strengthening the bond between you and your friends. Whatever you do, do not forget to take pictures so that you will have memories to cherish in the years to come.