Workplace SafetySafety in the workplace begins with knowing where there are potential risks then formulating policies to prevent, if not minimise, accidents or injuries. Every employee must be made aware of these and should know how to deal with situations that may arise.

Write it down

It’s best that everyone in the workplace knows the hazards of the job and what should be done to avoid getting hurt. A manual or handbook, such as take 5 booklet safety, is the best way for everyone to know where things need to be stored, what the proper attire is in places that could be dangerous, and how to address situations related to safety.

It will also be helpful to have regular training on how to address situations that may pose a risk for workers and even customers, as well as protocols in handling accidents.

Address hazards quickly

If an accident or near accident has occurred, the hazard that caused it must be addressed quickly. Whether it is cables lying around, poor lighting or slippery floors they must be dealt with immediately to prevent others from falling victim.

If there are repairs necessary to prevent bigger safety issues, they must be handled as soon as possible. Prevention is still better than cure.

The right tools

Sometimes, workplace safety is compromised because employees do not have the proper tools and equipment needed to do the job. They end up having to improvise, which often leads to safety concerns.

Employees must also know proper operation of equipment and should have an idea how to handle accidents in case they occur.

Feedback is essential

The best people to say the workplace is safe or not are the employees themselves. Encourage feedback so whatever issues need addressing will be handled immediately. They understand the procedures, know the work flow and handling equipment and if they report glitches that could be potential risks, listen to what they have to say and do something about it.

A healthy and safe working environment naturally increases productivity. If workers are taken cared off, they will be motivated to work harder and smarter to get the job done right.