Pile of wood scrapsConstruction waste accounts for almost a quarter of non-industrial waste across the world. However, as an organic construction material, wood is recyclable, but it can’t be reformed or smelt down like plastic or metal. Reusing is the best way to recycle wood products. If that’s not possible, ask a wood recycler to help you dispose of your wood waste.


While these programs are rare, some communities accept wood recycling as part of their curbside recycling programs. You could also ask a non-governmental recycler that specialises in wood waste collection to get rid of wood waste on your site. Homeowners can also make their wood products useful again by fixing broken wood shelves and refinishing their old furniture.

Take Unused Lumber or Pallets Back to the Seller

You still require energy to process wood waste even if recycling is environmentally friendly. There is no sense to waste energy recycling a new wood product that can be reused. It can apply to any unused lumber backs and undamaged pallets.


You can attempt to reuse old wood furniture that is still in good condition. For example, a lot of wood goes to waste during the demolition of construction sites, but much of these waste materials can be reused in another project. You can ask your local building authority to refer you to an approved inspector who can recertify your wood waste. Alternatively, people can add wood waste to a compost site, use it to make mulch, or use it for fireplace rekindling.

Wood waste can be in the form of tree branches or medium density boards. Either way, most types of timber are recyclable. Whether you are doing a project around the yard, demolishing, or building a house, you’re likely to have trouble with wood waste. However, everyone has a recycling option even if you don’t live near a recycling facility.

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