an administrative manager talking to an employeeThe most frequently overlooked function in running an office matters just as much as big higher positions, such as the finance, business development or legal management departments.

One such function is office administration. This is a support service which includes facilitating document routing, office upkeep, availability of office supplies, bills payment, mail deliveries, client reception, office security and many more. Here are some ways you can do it exceptionally well:

1. Outsource.

With so many tasks that need to be accomplished in a single workday, outsource portions of that to-do list to a competent provider.

A cleaning company such as ProKleen in Salt Lake City, for example, can handle the upkeep of the office and save management the trouble of having to manage its own housekeeping team. Outsourcing is often a cheaper, less time-consuming, and more effective option.

2. Anticipate needs.

It’s good to be responsive to the requests of the staff but even better to identify what you have to do before the need ever arises. If, for example, the queues in photocopy machines are becoming increasingly long, make a recommendation to double the equipment to avoid delays.

Being proactive in this manner is better than waiting for someone to complain.

3. Develop a system and a checklist.

This timetable should be part of a documented procedure and consistently followed. The International Organization for Standardization (ISO) has specific recommendations about how it should develop work procedures.

4. Find ways to conserve and save.

Office administrators help manage the use of supplies such as paper, pens, tissues, and hand soap. The misuse of these supplies and a culture of wastefulness can actually hurt the bottom line in the long run.

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Not having a good administrative manager can quickly make work a little harder for everyone, increase waste, and dampen office morale. This support service affects all other functions and thus is of great importance.