Fruits and vegetablesMore Australians are interested in including moon milk to their diet in 2018, based on an analysis of health and wellness concepts on social media.

Pinterest saves (or pinning), which determine the popularity of certain ideas, served as the indicator for the trending beverage. Moon milk refers to any regular cow’s milk combined with natural ingredients like honey or fruit.

Natural Flavourings

Saves for moon milk on Pinterest increased by 85% among users in the country, while the analysis recorded a whopping 700% surge in saves for the rest of the world. Top Shelf Concepts adds that some users make their design contributions more appetising with the use of a colourful resin tray. Food retailers and groceries should also consider the use of different resources for their deli counter displays.

Naysayers would claim that moon milk is only an improved version of chai lattes, but the fact remains that people often want to try something new even if it’s just a scale above an existing product. Other trends in Australia like buying organic items have existed recently, as evidenced by many consumers willing to spend more on a healthier diet.

Business Niche

Supermarket chains are trying to cash in on the growing consumption of organic food choices, such as hemp seeds and cacao, in the last five years. The increased interest in healthier food choices led them to set up a spot on grocery stores solely for organic products.

As some Australians are willing to spend almost $90 more every week to buy healthier food, supermarkets responded by giving them more options.

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The food industry should pay attention to this year’s trends in healthy eating and see it as an opportunity to drum up business. Presentation is the key when trying to stimulate the appetite of your target market, so be sure to invest in tools that help in striking a good first impression of any product.