Man Repairing Air Conditioning UnitAir-conditioners are a staple in many households across Australia, so those who plan to install a new one should expect to pay an average of $80 per hour for labour expenses.

However, the cost may vary based on where you live in the country. For instance, air conditioning companies in Sydney may charge more or less than specialists in Melbourne. The type of air-conditioner you want inside the house also affects the overall price.

Types of Air-Conditioners

Central systems, split or ductless, window-type and portable air-conditioners are some of the common products on the markets. Professional installers would generally determine the final cost of labour based on these types of units. If you live in Victoria, a split system installation may require you to spend around $750, including the purchase of an air-conditioner.

Those who live in New South Wales spend slightly more than the average installation rate per hour at almost $83.1. If you think that’s expensive, the average price in South Australia costs nearly $90 per hour. On the other hand, households that need repairs spend a bit higher than the installation cost.

Cost Of Repairs

Hourly rates for residential installation may cost between $80 and $110 on average, excluding the goods and services tax. Stick to at least three price quotations from different companies. This is already enough to give you an idea of a professional’s experience and service, aside from being able to the compare prices.

In some cases, buying a new unit seems like a cheaper option. You can purchase a portable air-conditioner for around $750, while a ducted reverse cycle air-conditioning costs as high as $5,400.

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How much are you willing to spend on air-conditioner installation or repairs? Whether or not you’re on a budget, a professional service provider or tradesman would be a better choice since installing the unit can be a complex process.