Pool cleaning vacuumOwning a pool comes with various responsibilities, and among them is keeping it clean, safe, and sparkling. To achieve this, regular pool cleaning is essential. Pool cleaning, however, involves much more than merely removing visible dirt and debris.

This is a crucial service with various constituents best handled by professional pool cleaners from a Plano, TX company like Gold Medal Pools. The cleaners will come with various pieces of equipment and perform different tasks to enhance the cleanliness and safety of your pool. Here are some things involved in proper pool cleaning service.

Chemical Balancing

There are various chemicals needed to keep your pool water safe and clean. These include sanitizers, oxidizers, algaecides, metal removers, stain inhibitors, balancers, and clarifiers. They should be used in specific proportions, and failure to do so can damage your pool. A pool cleaner will come equipped with testing tools to determine what chemicals your pool needs and at what quantity.

Filtration Maintenance

Just because there is no visible debris in your pool does not mean your filter is in perfect working condition. Your cleaner will carry out services for filter cleaning and maintenance and diagnose any issue with the filter. All these are aimed at maximizing your filter’s life and keeping it in excellent condition.


This service cleans your pool’s floor, steps, and walls. The pool cleaner will use an industrial strength water vacuum for a thorough top-to-bottom pool clean. All dirt and debris that have settled at the bottom are removed using the vacuum cleaner.

You now know why it is essential to hire a professional pool cleaning company. Most companies will recommend a weekly or twice weekly service. The benefits you reap from a professional pool cleaning service regardless of its frequency will be well worth each dollar you spend.

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