Health insurance form under a stethoscopeSouth Dakota and Iowa are among the Midwestern states with the highest coverage for auto, health, and life insurance, according to an analysis.

The analysis ranked certain counties with the most number of insured people in each of the three categories. Hamlin County, S.D. recorded the highest overall coverage, although seven out of the top 10 counties are from Iowa. The other two, which are Aurora and Sanborn counties, are in South Dakota.

Potential Sales Market

On a national scale, the study listed health insurance as the top coverage for Americans with more than 88% coverage. Auto insurance coverage ranked next at 87.32%, while coverage for life insurance is the lowest at 44.80%.

Based on these figures, the market for life insurance seems unsaturated for insurance sales agents. Salespeople should consider working with an insurance marketing organization, which would help them to access leads in their respective locations and comprehensive quoting systems among other benefits.

Remote vs. On-Site

Another consideration for insurance sales agents involves the use of a virtual platform, which lets them work remotely. Off-site insurance sales calls, for instance, have a higher chance of becoming more efficient with a digital platform.

This improved efficiency manifests through more available agents, as they don’t have to come to the office. By doing so, the time saved from the daily commute is spent on handling calls for potential clients instead. This arrangement contributes to better employee satisfaction, while using virtual platforms also allow companies to reach as many markets as possible by having remote staff in different parts of the country.

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The location serves an important role in determining the success rate for closing new insurance deals, but there are other factors, such as having field or insurance marketing support. It’s best to know more about them as well.