Bowl of soupMany families use enamelware to prepare those precious family dinners.  From bowls to mugs, enamelware is durable and longlasting.  For many families in the UK, enamel pie dishes and wares are the material of choice for many. What are the advantages of using enamelware?

It is safe to use

Enamelled steel does not react with any food. The enamel does not absorb oil or odour, so it is easy to clean and dos not require any special detergent or chemical. These qualities also help preserve food for a long time.

It is suitable for any cooking

You can cook anything in an enamelled steel ware. Pots and pans in this material could also be used on gas or electric stoves or ovens. You can cook stews, saute dishes, or even fry food in oil.

You can use enamelware for baking, but you should be careful when using enamelled steel. Before putting it into the oven, be sure to heat it over the stove. Enamelled steel is very sensitive to heat, so any enamelware should be heated first before it goes into the oven.

Enamelware is long lasting

These dishes can last a long time, and it is a good investment to have enamelware in your kitchen. It looks good, but it also needs gentle care. When washing enamelware, do not use abrasive metal scrubs or brushes to remove stains. You should leave your enamelware overnight with a little soap and water. In the morning, you can wash it under the tap and dry off with a soft cloth.

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If you find a crack in your enamelled steel ware, it’s best not to use it anymore as the steel could contaminate food through the crack. If the break is on the outside, it’s best not to use it in the oven.

You can make dinners and family gatherings more memorable when you use enamelware for your cooking needs. Don’t forget to follow the safety tips when using enamelware; it’s the best way to make your cooking and dining experience a success.