Wood cutter cutting down tree with chainsawIf you need to work on tree stump removal in Tauranga, you should consider contacting a professional to do it not just because of personal safety. Some of the biggest providers of home owner’s insurance in New Zealand have already increased premiums, which mean bigger expenses.

Those who still insist on doing it themselves may pay a higher rate for personal injury coverage since the risk from garden-related accidents can be quite significant based on the Accident Compensation Corporation’s (ACC) figures.

Insurance Claims

In 2014, ACC received more than $36 million of gardening injury claims from over 54,500 applications. These claims mostly referred to soft tissue, laceration, a puncture wound and sting injuries. However, some were as serious as concussions or brain damage.

Chainsaws caused most of the gravest injuries. Since tree stump removal requires the use of a chainsaw, using one without proper knowledge and training can be risky to your safety.

Even if your insurer reimburses your expenses, the scars from such injuries may stay forever to remind of the accident. Hence, paying a professional to do the work will always be a better option.

Expert Work

Most people hire expert tree remover due to the strenuous task involved, especially for those with back problems. You may not really be saving money from doing the work yourself if you would have to pay a visit to the emergency room after you complete the job.

A DIY approach also costs you valuable time that could be spent on other things, instead of seeking medical help from an injury. Professionals use special equipment for their service something that you likely don’t have at home, which means they get to do the job much faster.

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A complicated task for your garden requires the expertise of a professional, so it’s better to pay extra for hiring them. The cost of doing so will be worthwhile since it saves you time and money, aside from the trouble of filing an insurance claim.