Shield icon hovering above the laptopHealthcare companies’ cybersecurity strategies in the U.S. should focus more on managing insider risks, as the likelihood of internal data breaches is more likely in the sector than any other industry.

A sound online security program not only guards your company’s digital infrastructure but also protect valuable patient information in compliance with the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA).

Insider Threats

A recent Verizon analysis showed that of more than 1,360 cybersecurity incidents among healthcare companies in 27 countries, 58% involved insiders whether they were unintentional or deliberate attempts. The analysis also noted that a company’s insiders pose more risks to online security than external parties.

Money often serves as the main factor why insiders would be willing to compromise a company’s cybersecurity. According to an Accenture survey of 912 healthcare employees in North America, almost one out of five are willing to provide sensitive data such as login credentials to outsiders in exchange for up to $1,000. For this reason, a company’s database of medical information may be at risk without the necessary safety protocols.

HIPAA and the Cloud

Healthcare firms that need HIPAA compliance management in Texas, California and other states should consider cloud-hosting services when thinking of data storage and backup solutions. In some cases, a third-party IT service provider could be a better option since it reduces the need to spend on hiring a dedicated in-house team.

Other benefits of using the cloud involve the need for less hardware and reducing your data center footprint. While all of these benefits seem attractive, remember to choose a third-party software provider that will help you maintain compliance with HIPAA.

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Cybersecurity now plays an essential role in the healthcare industry, because a simple data breach can lead to a loss of human lives and crippled medical operations.